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Short-term Stabilization Service

Sometimes people experience a very acute episode of mental illness that requires immediate care. When that happens, Menninger's short-term inpatient stabilization and treatment service can help individuals get back on their journey to mental well-being. 


Acute Stabilization

Stabilization begins as soon as patients are admitted. Patients receive an assessment from an interdisciplinary team of clinicians, including a psychiatrist, social worker and nurses, who create a treatment plan that focuses on improving safety and functioning and on getting patients ready to transition to some type of outpatient care. 


This service also includes medically indicated consults, diagnostic studies and pharmacologic interventions. Genetic testing may be ordered by the psychiatrist.


The service, which usually involves a short-term hospitalization of five to 10 days, is available to those ages 18 and older. 

menninger-clinic-patient-roomTreatment takes place on the Comprehensive Psychiatric Assessment Service, which is led by Cory Walker, DO. A sample patient room is shown at right.

Discharge planning is coordinated by the social worker on the patient’s treatment team and, when available, the patient’s current treatment provider. 


Scheduling an Admission

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