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BridgeUp at Menninger

Each year, millions of American children are estimated to have a diagnosable mental health disorder. Yet, many of these children do not receive the early treatment they need.

We can — we must — do better. BridgeUp at Menninger is dedicated to improving early mental health intervention and treatment for youth by sparking collaboration between schools, non-profit organizations and mental health providers.
Established in 2015 with seed funding from the David and Helen Gurley Brown Trust, BridgeUp distributes Magic Grants to help schools and community partners implement a multi-tiered model of social and emotional learning (SEL) programs, targeted behavioral intervention and individual referrals for mental health assessment and treatment.
BridgeUp aims to create systemic change in schools and communities. To date, approximately 40,000 students have received education in SEL competencies like self-awareness, responsible decision-making and relationship skills. And, more than 5,000 have received additional behavioral intervention or referral to mental health care services.
Make your gift now to BridgeUp at Menninger, or, for more information, email Stephanie Cunningham, vice president of Business Development and Philanthropy, or call 713-275-5039.
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