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At Menninger, all our treatment teams, including Hope’s, are led by board-certified psychiatrists. They office on each of the programs, which means you’ll have the chance to see them around the unit every day, not just during twice-weekly rounds or appointments.
Psychiatrists prescribe and manage your medications, direct treatment planning, manage physical and medical issues, order consults and take a comprehensive history, among other work.
Other members of your team include:
  • A psychologist who administers testing and outcomes assessments, leads groups and provides individual therapy
  • A licensed clinical social worker who provides family, individual and group therapy
  • A licensed chemical dependency counselor, also known as an addictions counselor, who will, if indicated, conduct addiction assessments, meet with you individually to assess your recovery needs and lead recovery groups
  • A psychiatric rehabilitation specialist, who offers vocational, social skills, fitness and functional assessments as well as oversees wellness activities
  • Nurses, including charge nurses who are responsible for managing all nursing-related activity
  • A registered pharmacist, who educates patients about medication options
Depending on your needs, other professionals can be added to your treatment team. These might include an internal medicine specialist, a neuropsychologist, a spiritual counselor, a sleep specialist, eating disorders specialist and more.
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