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It’s a fact of modern life: Most mothers, especially new moms, are under tremendous stress. Then along comes the coronavirus pandemic, and that stress has grown exponentially.

So with the burden of this added stress, how can mothers practice good self-care as part of their life journey? With our Moms Program, you can participate in any or all of the following:


Virtual individual therapy: Working one-on-one with a clinician who understands the unique challenges of being a mother can be an incredible way to create space for yourself to learn how to move through this time in a way that makes sense for you. One hour of individual therapy is $210.

Virtual support group*: The most important factor in helping moms, especially new mothers who are adapting to motherhood, is social support, and we know it’s better if that support comes from other moms. This group, which meets Thursdays at 11 am CT, offers a safe place for moms to come together virtually, share their stories and receive support.


Whether you're adjusting to a new baby, trying to corral a two-year-old while you get your work done, anxiously trying to help your middle schooler with his Common Core math problems or coping with postpartum depression, you'll find this vibrant community invaluable during these trying times. This group is free of charge.

Virtual group therapy*: This is an 8-week group designed to specifically target some of the toughest parts about living through the pandemic. Topics include:

  • Crisis survival
  • Improving communication with partners
  • Ask the Doc, a forum that allows you the chance to discuss issues with a child psychiatrist and child psychologist
  • Managing guilt

In this psychoeducational group, participants learn new skills and practice them under the guidance of a trained facilitator. It meets Tuesdays at 1 pm CT. You can join at any time. This group is $135 per session.
Virtual couples and family therapy: Our support system is our greatest asset, though it can sometimes be one of our greatest sources of pain as well. Working together to understand each other’s needs and build effective communication is essential to feeling supported and passing on that love to your children.


Couples therapy is not just for couples that are struggling; we can all learn how to work together towards the same goals in kinder and more meaningful ways. Couples and family therapy is $280 per hour.


Virtual medication management: It's vital that a woman work with a mental health professional who understands hormonal fluctuations and reproductive issues at all life stages. There are safe and effective medications a woman can take to support her recovery, even if pregnant or breastfeeding. We can help you understand the options and manage your medication without having to wait for weeks to meet.

The Care Package

Sign up for our eight-week virtual care package and in addition to the virtual individual therapy, group therapy and support group outlined above, you'll receive a daily phone call from one of our caring, experienced team members. They’ll touch base with you to briefly discuss how your self-care activities are going.

Take advantage of this mom-centric opportunity and you’ll:

  • Learn new skills in the virtual group therapy that will help you better cope with the crisis
  • Connect with other moms who are also feeling the strain in the virtual support group
  • Get one-on-one support and validation through virtual individual therapy

The basic care package is $415 per week.


Other Services

Participants can also add other services, including consultations for medication management, substance use, nutrition and exercise and spiritual counseling, as well as additional individual therapy. 
These other services mean you can create a personalized care package that meets your individual needs for enhancing self-care and addressing emotional, physical and spiritual wellness.

Costs and Program Details

The program is currently open to mothers in Texas.


Professional fees can be submitted to your insurance company for possible reimbursement.


Services are generally conducted during business hours. The need for flexibility in terms of delivering services will be considered on a case-by-case basis.


jessica-rohr-elisabeth-netherton-menninger-moms-pThe program is spearheaded by Jessica Combs Rohr, PhD, ABPP, and Elisabeth Netherton, MD, pictured right. Both are working moms with special expertise in helping other moms.


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Call us at 713-275-5400 and take the first step on your journey to maternal wellness.


*This group is currently on hold.

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