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Day Hospital for Adolescents

Note: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Day Hospital for Adolescents is not currently accepting admissions.
We help your adolescent find a better path for treatment.
For about a third of the patients who are treated on our Adolescent Program, we recommend further treatment, often in a day hospital program, which is sometimes referred to as a partial hospital program.
It’s ideal for teens who are “stepping down” from an inpatient program and who need more intensive treatment and supervision than outpatient therapy or wilderness programs can offer.

What’s Included

There are a number of advantages to our day hospital program for adolescents:
  • If your child admits to our day program from our Adolescent Program, we already know your child and your family, and we don’t miss a beat in continuing treatment.
  • With only a handful of teens in the program at any given time, patients get the attention they need and deserve.
  • It lasts all day – from 8 am to 5 pm, Monday through Friday (many similar programs are only half-day programs) – so you have peace of mind about where your child is, and your teen gets the continuing treatment he or she needs.
  • More than 20 hours per week of psychoeducational and psychotherapy groups means more time in treatment and more time to practice skills that help your child manage mental health symptoms.
  • Patients visit with the program’s psychiatrist two times per week in rounds.
  • A treatment team that includes registered nurses who have at least a bachelor’s degree.
  • Dedicated time for school work, academic tutoring and exercise is included.
  • Daily lunches in the Menninger Cafeteria with a variety of options, including vegetarian and gluten-free meals, freshly prepared onsite by Chef Russell Knott, a former chef at the renowned Brennan’s Restaurant, and his team. 
Most patients in our day hospital stay with us for four- to six-weeks.

Outcomes Data

Another distinguishing feature of the day hospital program is our use of outcomes data.
We use gold-standard assessments to gauge your teen’s mental health status upon admission and at discharge, as well as every week in between, to help guide treatment and drive changes to treatment if needed.
They’re a great way to track improvements in quality of life and symptom reduction. Seeing the results can also be a powerful motivator for adolescents to continue the work that they need to do on their journey to good mental health.

Treatment Team

The same experienced and caring clinicians who treat patients in our inpatient Adolescent Treatment Program treat the patients in the day hospital. Meet them here.

Admitting to the Day Hospital

It’s easy.
If your teen is already a patient on our Adolescent Program, talk to your treatment team about transferring to the day hospital program when the time is right.
If you’re looking for a stepdown program like our day hospital for adolescents, then call us at 713-275-5400. We’ll be happy to talk with you about your child’s needs and how we can help.
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