Annual Report on Giving
Our Mission
To create a healthy world by excelling in the art and science of mental health care.
Dear friends,
Healthy minds are the backbone of strong and resilient communities. When we have good mental health, we not only survive — we thrive. We cope with life's disappointments and challenges, build positive relationships, and accomplish our goals. But today, far too many people are living with anxiety, depression, substance misuse, and other mental health struggles. And our communities are suffering.

Nearly 100 years ago, The Menninger Clinic was founded with the idea that purpose and connection with others are vital ingredients for mental health. As we approach The Clinic's centennial anniversary in 2025, this core principle continues to drive forward our mission and all that we do.

In 2023, our objective was clear — to reach more people in the community with Menninger's lifesaving expertise and resources. In the pages ahead, you will read how we strengthened our collaborations with other organizations, enhanced access to The Clinic's programs, advanced novel research to address society's most urgent mental health needs, and equipped up-and-coming mental health professionals with skills to make a difference at Menninger and beyond.

We remain eternally grateful for our donors and friends who share our vision of a healthier, more hopeful world and whose generosity ensures The Clinic's continued excellence. Thank you for all you made possible at Menninger in the past year.

Armando E. Colombo Signature
Armando E. Colombo
Year in Review
Our Impact Together in 2023
For the 33rd consecutive year, The Menninger Clinic ranked among the top 10 national psychiatry leaders in U.S. News & World Report's list of "Best Hospitals."
Patient Care
Adolescents and adults
We helped 1,314 adolescents and adults achieve better mental health, accepting 785 inpatient admissions and providing 10,317 outpatient visits.
More than 100 adults and adolescents in need received life-changing mental health treatment for free or reduced cost through our charity care program and Patient Assistance Fund.
Menninger OSC Grand Opening
Funded by donors' support of a $14 million capital campaign, the Outpatient Services Center celebrated its grand opening in late 2022 and has welcomed hundreds of individuals and families through its doors during the past year. A new Center for Addiction Medicine and Recovery opened on the second floor in February 2024.
We reduced stigma and increased awareness of mental health through 61 educational presentations to schools, businesses, civic groups, and other organizations.
The Gathering Place, our community clubhouse for people with persistent mental illness, provided free social, vocational, and life skills support to about 200 members.
Menninger TGP Metro Bus Stop
In 2023, the Metropolitan Transit Authority of Harris County (METRO) invited members of Menninger's psychosocial clubhouse, The Gathering Place, to join local government officials in commemorating METRO's 5,000th covered bus stop. Located just steps from the clubhouse, the stop will provide shelter to members as they wait for bus services.
Training & Research
Our clinical training programs continued building the pipeline of skilled mental health professionals, educating 219 up-and-coming psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, nurses, and others in the past year alone.
During the 2023 Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship, talented college students Poorvi Balaji, Jenna Lee, Katherine Matthews-Ederington, and Chris Zheng enjoyed eight weeks of hands-on, mental health research training at Menninger.
Scholarly Articles
13 scholarly articles were published by our researchers in top peer-reviewed journals, enhancing knowledge about suicide prevention, depression, opioid addiction, and other pressing topics in mental health.
Working Together
for Change
YMCA Partnership Enhances Youth Intervention
According to a recent study by the Centers for Disease Control, the share of American teens who said they experienced persistent feelings of sadness or hopelessness in the past year rose from 26 percent in 2009 to 44 percent in 2021.

To better support young minds, last summer The Menninger Clinic partnered with YMCA Camp Cullen, a beloved Houston summer camp, to provide campers and counselors with on-site access to mental health services. Through the generosity of donors, Menninger offered education and training for camp staff, as well as personalized therapy and group sessions for the entire camp community.
Through our partnership with YMCA Camp Cullen, we are promoting early access to mental health services for young campers. Photo courtesy of YMCA Camp Cullen.
"Having a true professional support system in action this past summer was incredible for our staff and campers."
Chance Orton
Summer Camp Director, Camp Cullen
Supporting Healthy Young Minds
In 2023, donors' support enabled scientific research to uncover potential drivers of youth suicide and ensured funding for educational activities and partnerships with local schools and community organizations, like the YMCA.
Community Initiatives Update
Menninger Clinic - The Gathering Place Hosts Open House
The Gathering Place Hosts Open House
The Menninger Clinic's psychosocial clubhouse, The Gathering Place, was excited to welcome the community through its doors in July 2023 for an open house event. The clubhouse, which offers free programs and services for people in recovery from mental illness, underwent extensive renovations while closed during the pandemic.
Menninger Clinic Partners with Nation's Largest Pediatric Hospital Gathering Place Hosts Open House
Menninger Partners with Nation's Largest Pediatric Hospital
In February 2023, Menninger and Texas Children's Hospital announced a new partnership to ensure access to care for children with critical mental health needs. From 2019-2022, Texas Children's Hospital saw an 800% increase in children arriving to its emergency room in crisis.
Patient Care
Meeting Patients
Where They Are
New Programs Offer Right Care at Right Time
Knowing where to turn for help and how to do so is often one of the hardest parts of grappling with a mental health issue. Today, a wide range of treatment options exists in the mental health care field, but navigating these options is not always easy or intuitive.

To make the process easier, The Menninger Clinic has expanded our clinical services, offering more programs in our "continuum of care" that are helping to meet patients' unique needs throughout their mental health journey.
Team members of the new Bridge residential program provide treatment and support to people who are stepping down from an inpatient program or stepping up from traditional outpatient services for more structure.
"These new initiatives are part of Menninger's ongoing effort to provide seamless and coordinated mental health care to people in our communities."
Armando E. Colombo
President and CEO
Providing Access To Care
In 2023, donors' support assisted low-income individuals and families with accessing Menninger's treatment through the Patient Assistance Fund. Each year, about 100 people receive treatment for free or reduced cost through Menninger's charity care program and generous donations to the Patient Assistance Fund.
Clinical Programs & Services
Inpatient Treatment & Assessment
Short-Term Stabilization Service for Adults*
Short-Term Stabilization Service for Adolescents*
Comprehensive Psychiatric Assessment Service
Adult Treatment Program
Compass Program for Young Adults
Adolescent Treatment Program
Specialty Services
Detox Service (CPAS only)
Center for Brain Stimulation
Eating Disorders Services
Addictions Services
Recovery Coaching Services
Sleep Medicine Service
Neuropsychiatric Consultation Service
Residential Treatment
Bridge Program for Adults
Outpatient Treatment & Assessment
Navigator Case Management Service
Pathfinder Community Integration Program
Menninger 360 for Adults
Menninger 360 for Adolescents
Adolescent Day Treatment Program*
Intensive Outpatient Program for Adolescents*
Recovery Intensive Outpatient Program for Adults*
Solutions Intensive Outpatient Program for Adults* (Dallas, TX)
Outpatient Therapy
Fitness for Duty Assessments
*In-network coverage available through Aetna, Cigna, or Magellan Health.
Making Recovery
More Restful
Clinical Trial Aims to Improve Sleep & Reduce Craving
Getting a good night's sleep is challenging for people in recovery from alcohol use disorder. This all-too-common struggle can derail recovery, affecting thinking, mood, and physical well-being.

With donors' support, Staff Psychiatrist Kelly Truong, MD, and a team of Menninger researchers conducted a double-blind clinical trial to investigate if combining the medications naltrexone and lemborexant can improve sleep, reduce cravings, and decrease the urge to turn to alcohol during vulnerable times.
Using virtual reality technology, Kelly Truong, MD, and her research team measure study participants' craving for alcohol during real-world scenarios.
"In our community, substance use disorders are widespread and challenging to address. It's crucial to approach them with the same intensity as any other psychiatric condition."
Kelly Truong, MD
Staff Psychiatrist
Generating Tomorrow's Breakthroughs
In 2023, donors' support generated new knowledge about mental health by funding the collection of crucial psychiatric data, advancing studies of pressing concerns like suicide and addiction, and ensuring the dissemination of key findings locally and across the nation.
Research Update
Menninger Clinic - Artificial Intelligence Opens Frontier for Discovery
Artificial Intelligence Opens Frontier for Discovery
In 2023, researchers at The Menninger Clinic explored the promise of artificial intelligence (AI) to bridge gaps in mental health care and improve patients' clinical outcomes. Collaborating with top AI experts at Rice University's Ken Kennedy Institute, they investigated how this powerful tool could be used compassionately and ethically to benefit the well-being of our communities.
Menninger Clinic - Research Publications
Research Publications
During 2023, Menninger researchers expanded knowledge of the mind and body through leading studies published in high-impact, peer-reviewed journals. Key areas of research included suicide, sleep, neuroscience and genetics, technology, and data science.
Creating Pathways
to Nursing Excellence
New Nurses Gain Skills for Career Success
Providing high-quality training experiences for new mental health nurses is critical to ensuring the best care for patients and to addressing the expected shortfall of skilled psychiatric nurses by 2025. Nurses, as frontline caregivers, play a vital role in supporting patients' physical and mental wellness.

With the support of donors, The Clinic's psychiatric nurse residency program educates new nurses, like Meagan Haskett, RN, and offers rigorous hands-on training as well as coaching from experienced psychiatric nurse preceptors.
Recent nurse residents who are now Menninger staff nurses include (from left to right): Ekta Thakkar, RN; Eiriane Estella, RN; Shanika King, RN; Nneka Omoruyi, RN; and Meagan Haskett, RN.
"I don't think I would feel as competent as I do without the support I received as a nurse resident."
Meagan Haskett, RN
Staff Nurse
Empowering New Nurses
In 2023, donors' support allowed 16 nurse residents to receive specialized training in caring for people with complex mental illness. Through the psychiatric nurse residency program, we attract and retain skilled nurses in the mental health care field, ensuring ongoing psychiatric nursing excellence.
Training Programs
Trainees 2019 2020 2021 2022 2023 5-Year Total
General Psychiatry Residents (PGY2, PGY4) 18 20 28 24 25 115
Child Psychiatry Fellows 6 6 13 11 10 46
Neurology and Neuropsychiatry Fellows 0 0 1 1 1 3
Addiction Psychiatry Fellows 0 0 0 5 3 8
Undergraduate Medical Students 11 7 9 6 10 43
Psychology Post-Doctoral Fellows 2 2 2 2 1 9
Psychology PhD Interns 1 1 1 1 1 5
Research Post-Doctoral Fellows 1 1 1 1 1 5
Research Assistants 3 2 2 3 3 13
Summer Undergraduate Research Fellows 0 0 0 3 3 6
Post-Graduate Social Work Fellows 3 4 2 4 5 18
Master of Social Work Interns 4 5 4 4 4 21
Hart Licensed Professional Counselor Fellows 0 0 0 2 2 4
Psychiatric Nurse Residents 5 3 4 7 16 33
Undergraduate Nursing Students 90 62 0 0 120 272
Recreational Therapy Interns 1 1 1 1 2 6
Pharmacy Post-Doctoral Resident 1 1 1 0 1 4
Pharmacy Doctoral Candidates 6 7 5 7 8 33
Pastoral Counseling Interns 0 2 3 2 2 9
Chaplaincy Fellow 0 0 0 0 1 1
TOTAL TRAINEES 152 124 75 84 219 654
Tackling Addiction
at the Annual Luncheon
NFL Star Ryan Leaf Shares Journey to Recovery
More than 350 sponsors and guests attended The Menninger Clinic's 13th Annual Signature Luncheon, featuring former pro football player Ryan Leaf, on May 4, 2023. The "journey to recovery" was the focus of the annual event, which raised over $375,000 toward a new Center for Addiction Medicine and Recovery at The Clinic.

The luncheon was chaired by The Menninger Clinic Foundation board members Poppi Massey and Susie Peake and honored local sober high school Archway Academy.
"I'm okay with who I am. I'm this flawed human being, like everybody else, who is trying to be better every day."
Ryan Leaf
Former NFL Player
Board of Directors
The Menninger Clinic
Ronald P. Cuenod, Jr.
Board Chair
Houston, TX
Alan I. Abramson
Beverly Hills, CA
Paul B. Beck
Houston, TX
Stacy L. Ellington
Houston, TX
Kathy C. Flanagan, MD
Houston, TX
Pamela K. Greene, PhD, RN
Corpus Christi, TX
Kenneth J. Klein
Houston, TX
Harvey Kurzweil
New York, NY
Walt Menninger, MD
Topeka, KS
Genevieve O'Sullivan
Houston, TX
Jeff Paine
Houston, TX
Ned Schwing
Houston, TX
Huda Zoghbi, MD
Houston, TX
John McKelvey*
Director Emeritus, Ex Officio
Leawood, KS
Norman C. Schultz*
Director Emeritus, Ex Officio
Indian Wells, CA
Rob C. Wilson III*
Director Emeritus, Ex Officio
Houston, TX
*Ex Officio
The Menninger Clinic Foundation
Jeff Paine
Board Chair
Houston, TX
Cynthia Adkins
Houston, TX
Elise Banks-Lovely
Houston, TX
Nancy J. Corbet
Houston, TX
Ronald P. Cuenod, Jr.
Houston, TX
Christopher L. Dodson
Houston, TX
Milby Dow Dunn II
Houston, TX
Anette T. Edens, PhD
Houston, TX
Michael U. Ellington, Jr.
Houston, TX
Elaine W. Finger
Houston, TX
David E. K. Frischkorn, Jr.
Houston, TX
Jennifer Hanson
Houston, TX
Mandy J. Hill, DrPH, MPH
Houston, TX
Marjorie Bintliff Johnson
Houston, TX
F. Allen Lyons
Houston, TX
Poppi Massey
Houston, TX
John Menninger, MD
Denver, CO
Susie Peake
Houston, TX
Rev. Dr. Douglas Richnow
Houston, TX
Judson W. Robinson III
Houston, TX
Lucy R. Schimmel
Houston, TX
Orgena L. Singleton
Houston, TX
Leo van den Thillart
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Nicole C. West, EdD
Houston, TX
Barbara M. Robertson*
Director Emeritus, Ex Officio
Houston, TX
Corbin J. Robertson, Jr.*
Director Emeritus, Ex Officio
Houston, TX
*Ex Officio
Donor Appreciation
Honor Roll of Donors
We are grateful for our generous donors to The Menninger Clinic Foundation who provided sustaining and transformative support for Menninger's mission during the past year (January 1-December 31, 2023). Please notify us of any errors or omissions at
$1 Million+
Bruno & Margaret Jonikas and Family
Mrs. Helen L. Barrett*
The Brown Foundation, Inc.
The Elkins Foundation
The Hamill Foundation
The Ellwood Foundation
Fraternal Order of Eagles
Massey Family Charitable Lead Annuity Trust
Cuenod Families
Gwen & Gary Gilmer
The Henderson-Wessendorff Foundation
C. James & Carole Walter Looke Family / Walter Oil & Gas Corporation
Florence and William K. McGee, Jr. Family Foundation
Ruth Jones MacDonald Charitable Trust
Mr. & Mrs. Ned Schwing
Wacker Family Fund of The Dallas Foundation
Alan Abramson, Matea Bitong
Carol & Paul Beck
Carl Jacobs Foundation
Collins Holding Company
Columbia Lloyds Insurance Company
Ms. P. Jane Galvin
George and Mary Josephine Hamman Foundation
The Gordon A. Cain Foundation
Linda & John Griffin
Mr. & Mrs. Jeffery D. Hildebrand
Mr. & Mrs. Douglas B. Jackson
Letty Knapp
The Louis L. Borick Foundation
Mr. William C. Madlener
Poppi Georges Massey
Origin Bank
Paula & Jeff Paine
Katina Pontikes & Monty McDannald
Reuben B. & Helga M. Resnik Foundation, Bank of America, N.A., Co-Trustee
Barbara & Corbin J. Robertson, Jr.
Cherida Collins Smith
Scott R. Sparvero
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Stinus
Texas Children's
Texas Methodist Foundation
The Stanford and Joan Alexander Foundation
Lisa & Armando Colombo
The Cord Foundation Trust
The Crain Foundation
Ms. Nancy G. Dickenson
Mr. & Mrs. Paul J. Dobrowski
Tejuana L. Edmond
Mrs. Virginia A. Elkins
Kathy C. Flanagan, MD
Goldman Sachs Matching Gift Program
Mr. John W. Granger
The Greene Family Living Trust
Sandi & Bob Harris
Albert and Ethel Herzstein Charitable Foundation
Allison and Tucker Knight
Ms. Carla Knobloch
Barbara & Harvey Kurzweil
Mrs. Elizabeth Y. Leckenby
Mr. & Mrs. David B. Lumpkins
The Marek Family Foundation
Marvy Finger Family Foundation
Mr. & Mrs. D. Patrick McCelvey
Mr. & Mrs. William W. McGee
Mr. & Mrs. Joel Moore
Mr. & Mrs. Timothy J. Neumann
Northern Trust
Vivie & Chris O'Sullivan
Ms. Susie Peake
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas R. Reckling III
Lucy Russell Schimmel
Strake Foundation
Ms. Paula Sutton
Shirley W. Toomim
Ann G. Trammell
Lynda Underwood
Mr. & Mrs. David Waddill
Zinn Petroleum Company
Mr. Eddie Ackerman
Briar Hollow Foundation
The Council on Recovery
Mr. Michael U. Ellington, Jr.
Mrs. Elaine W. Finger
Mr. & Mrs. David E. K. Frischkorn, Jr.
HEB Grocery Company, L.P.
The Hood-Barrow Foundation
J Squared Family Foundation
Ms. Deborah A. Keyser
Kirksey Architecture
Mrs. Eugenia D. Magafan
MDOW Insurance Company
Regina Rogers
Ms. Rhonda K. Rogers
Carolyn & Howard Tellepsen
Mrs. Jess B. Tutor
Dr. Nicole C. West & Mr. Anthony A. West
Bess & Rob C. Wilson III
Mr. & Mrs. Ernie Aguirre
Joan & Richard Beach
Mr. & Mrs. Donald H. Bernstein
Efrain Bleiberg, MD, & Ellen J. Safier, LCSW
The Church of St. John the Divine
The Conner Foundation
The Reverend Margaret G. Crandall & Mr. Richard Crandall
Mr. & Mrs. Clay E. Crawford
The Dau Family Foundation
Ms. Sara P. Dodd-Denton
P. F. Doemer
Dr. Carl W. Eberbach and Elisabeth Falk Eberbach Fund
Dr. Anette T. Edens & Mr. Steve Irving
Mr. William Fitch
Mrs. Berthica A. Fitzsimons
Mr. & Mrs. Edwin H. Frank III
Mr. & Mrs. Timothy L. Goodwin
Lainie Gordon & David Mincberg
Pam & Van Greene
Joseph T. Gwin, PhD
Mr. Jonathon K. Hance
Dr. Dana S. Hayse & Mr. Tom Hayse
The Heffner Fund
Mr. & Mrs. Brandon Holcomb
Houston Trust Company
John C. Kerr
Kovler Family Foundation
Barbara & Jim Leeton
Mrs. Diana T. MacArthur
Dr. & Mrs. Sanjay Mathew
Mrs. Florence A. McGee
Drs. Diana Garza & Peter McLauglin
John Menninger, MD, & Claire Zilber, MD
W. Walter Menninger, MD
Morse Family Foundation
Ms. Diana L. Nelson & Mr. John Atwater
Richard Nightingale, MD
Margie & Jerry Noll
Elaine & Paul Plummer
Mrs. Linda C. Powers
Ms. Andrea Preisinger
Mr. & Mrs. Randolph l. Pullin
Mr. & Mrs. Robert B. Ravenscroft
Mr. & Mrs. William K. Robertson
Sadie Danciger Trust
Mr. & Mrs. Shannon B. Sasser
Wendy & Derry Seldin
Shaunty Healing Center
Diana Strassmann & Jeff Smisek
St. Francis Episcopal Church
Mr. & Mrs. Robert M. Sturgeon
Mr. Charles G. Tracy
Mr. Wade E. Upton
Mr. & Mrs. Dennis M. Wilson
Mr. & Mrs. John Wombwell
Anonymous (2)
Marian Menninger Adams, MD
Cathy & Jim Ahrenholz
Mr. & Mrs. George A. Alcorn, Jr.
Ms. Linda Amerson
Reverend Jeffery S. Atwater
Mr. & Mrs. Gary Balzhiser
Summerlynne Bartlett-Moore & Frank Moore
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Berkman
Mr. & Mrs. Forrest J. Blaylock
Block Family
Robert J. Boland, MD
Bonterra Network for Good
Dr. & Mrs. Warren B. Branch
Ms. Jan Bres
Ms. Janet E. Davis
Laura A. Easton
Mr. & Mrs. George R. Farish
Ms. Stacie L. Fillyaw
Mr. & Mrs. William N. Finnegan IV
Mr. & Mrs. David Fitch
Caroline S. Fox, MD
Elaine A. Franco
Liz & Pat Golmon
Mr. & Mrs. Paul D. Hermann
Houston Area Urban League
Mr. William O. Jameson
Virginia & Don Johnson
Mr. & Mrs. V. Stewart Jose
Mr. Arthur Klebanoff & Ms. Susan Hirschhorn
Linda & David Kroeze
Mrs. Geraldine S. Kunstadter
Steven J. Livengood
Mr. & Mrs. Roger L. McCleary
Dr. & Mrs. R. Craig McKee
Carolyn & John McKelvey
The McLemore Family
Dr. & Mrs. Roy W. Menninger
Dr. & Mrs. William L. Menninger
Michael Menninger, MD
Carol & Jim Moller
Mr. & Mrs. Philip J. Mudd
Drs. Adrienne & Richard Munich
Mrs. Marilyn E. Ratner
Mr. James A. Reeder, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Mike D. Robertson
Dorothy Saxe
Ms. Kirsten Cameron Schachter
Gena L. Singleton
Susan Sportsman, RN, PhD
Mrs. Nancy Trowbridge
Dr. & Mrs. Ashwin Viswanathan
Mr. & Mrs. Charles A. Williams
Mr. & Mrs. Barry M. Wuntch
Huda Y. Zoghbi, MD
Anonymous (2)
Mr. Warren R. Allen
Sara J. Aversa
Mr. & Mrs. James A. Baker III
Jill & Rod Bergman
Mr. & Mrs. Robert F. Bland, Jr.
Ms. Dianne Bolen
Ms. Samantha Boy
Drs. Patricia Gail Bray & Stephen Linder
Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation, Inc.
Letty Casazza
Laura Kissel Cassidy
Mrs. Cathryn T. Chapman
Maria Il-Cha Choe, MD
Stephanie & Keith Cunningham
Mr. Hollis Deatherage
Mr. & Mrs. Christopher L. Dodson
Mr. Ramsay Elder
Mr. Robert S. Fay
Ms. Ellen M. Feldman
Ms. Lissa Flores-Flowers & Mr. Jim Flowers
Dr. & Mrs. Christopher F. Flynn
Ms. Lisa L. Fulenwider
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph A. Gorczyca
Mr. & Mrs. Michael E. Grom
Mr. & Mrs. Clyde C. Hays III
Dr. Mandy J. Hill & Mr. Bradley B. Hill
Mary & Carl Holvik
Betsy Hornberger
Elizabeth Kelati, LPC
Mr. J. N. Caldwell Kerr
Carolyn Dineen King
Klinka & John Lollar
F. Allen Lyons
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas G. Mason
Patricia McFarlen
The McReynolds Family Foundation, Inc.
Mr. & Mrs. Gordon Meltzer
Lucy H. Molinaro
Mr. & Mrs. Bobbitt Noel
John M. Oldham, MD, & Karen P. Oldham, MD
Mr. & Mrs. Adam Orr
Dr. Susan Snider Osterberg
Mark G. Palazzo
Ms. Christi M. Peters
Edward Poa, MD
Mr. Patrick Ronan
Mary Rose, PsyD, DBSM, CBSM
Rusk Family
Mrs. Nancy F. Shelton
Daryl Shorter, MD
Linda & Michael Sidell
Mrs. Lou Ellen Stansell
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph W. Thomson III
The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston
Ms. Jane J. Van Santen
Ms. Queenie Wilkins
Justice Karen Angelini
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph V. Aprile
Ms. Elise N. Banks-Lovely
Dr. Marceil D. Bauman-Bork & Mr. N. Larry Bork
The Beacon
Mr. Peter A. Benoliel & Mrs. Willo Carey
Patricia A. Block, MD
Ms. Bresha Brown
Ms. Barbara J. Burris
Ms. Sarikka Campbell
Ms. Elizabeth W Carswell
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Y. Chao
Ms. Bethany Clarkson-Morgan
Ms. Jen Clement
Ms. Allison Clement
Ms. Christine Cole
Mrs. Meredyth W. Corbett
Mr. & Mrs. Mark Crotty
Mr. Paul O. Daugherty, Jr.
Ms. Brittany Davidson
Nova Davis-Hailey
David M. Davis, MD
Chaplain Salvador R. Del Mundo
Kathleen M. Dennish
Ms. Mariah Diaz
Mr. Jay V. Dolcetti
Karen & Frank Donnelly
Jackie & Fred Dunlop
Mr. & Mrs. Pat T. Dyer
Mrs. Jean Eames
Ms. Tanya Easter
Dr. & Mrs. J. Ollie Edmunds, Jr.
Stefanie Etienne, MD
Ms. Susan S. Falgout
Ms. Diontha Fancher
Mr. & Mrs. Donald K. Felt
Dr. Pamela W. Foley & Mr. L. Michael Foley
Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey J. Fostey
Mr. Jeff E. Fraley
Ms. Elizabeth Franzen
Harold Ronald Gollberg
Mr. & Mrs. Michael E. Hanson, Jr.
Mr. Anthony Haswell
Mr. & Mrs. Jed Helmcamp
Drs. Mary Alice Houghton & William Houghton
Ms. Jolie M. Howard
Mary & Bill Hughes
Ms. Diane S. Humphrey
Dr. & Mrs. David L. Hurley
Sarah Hurt
Dr. Christine Jaynes-Bell & Mr. Marshall A. Bell
Mr. & Mrs. Raleigh W. Johnson, Jr.
Ms. Veronica Jones
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Jordan
Lois Jordan, LCSW
Dr. Graham Kavanagh
Mr. & Mrs. Chand Khan
Marian Kohlstedt
Ms. Angela A. Koreth, LPC
Mr. Timothy Leite
$100+ | continued
Ashley LeMaire, PhD, ABPP
Mr. & Mrs. Lewis A. Levey
Adrian Lira, PhD, LPC-S
Ms. Sheila Little
Nancy & Jim Lomax
Ms. Lydia Luz
Katherine F. Lykes, LCSW
Ms. Lynn Mandola
Mrs. Ellen Marchand
Mr. & Mrs. Douglas R. Mathera
Ms. Cynthia B. McClain
Carra & Stewart McKnight
Julie & James McNeil
Mr. & Mrs. Charles M. Mohan
Mr. & Mrs. Richard W. Mong
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Cynthia I. Mulder, LCSW
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Ms. Christine Odusola
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Mary C. Oxford, PhD
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Mr. & Mrs. Jim Palmersheim
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Laura & Joe Rigano
Dr. Gina Rizzo
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Elliot P. Royston, MD
Samuel Weinstein Family Foundation
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Sharon & John Schwille
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Ms. Barbara L. Seymour
Hilary Sherry, PhD
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Judy & John Steele
Charles 'Casey' Still
Mr. & Mrs. Barry J. Sutcliffe
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Tetsuro Takahashi
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Dr. Douglas & Ms. Susan Warsett
Serena Weber, MD
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Barbara & Robert Wilson
Mr. & Mrs. Paul G. Winslow
Ms. Rebecca A. Wood
Harrell W. Woodson, PhD
Ms. Ann Wozencraft-Willey
Mr. Jake Yarbrough
Mr. Donald Yurewicz & Ms. Theresa Einhorn
Anonymous (5)
Under $100
Mr. Michael J. Adam III
Ms. Chawana Anderson
Mrs. Judith P. Anderson
Mr. Justin Anderson
Ms. Audrey K. Angel
Mr. Russell E. Aramony
Ms. Jo Anne J. Balthazor
Carlin Barnes, MD
Elissa Bauer, MEd, LPC-S
Ms. Suzy Benton
Mr. & Mrs. Howard L. Bernstein
Claudia & Robert Bluhm
Ms. Bianca Bonaventure
Mrs. Corina Borel
Ms. Tanya Bradley-Doubarere
Ms. Karen M. Brady
Ms. Dalanna L. Burris
Ms. Cheryl L. Buteaux
Ms. Patricia A. Chambers
Ms. Hayley Citro
Reverend Ronald Lee Cobb & Mrs. Cobb
Juanice Middleton Colwell, PharmD, MBA
Ms. Shirley J. Coster
Mr. Hans Coster
Ms. Toni Crawford
Ms. Eva Curtis
Patricia Daza, PhD, ABPP
Mr. & Mrs. George T. De Cecco
Mr. & Mrs. James Dillingham
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Mr. & Mrs. Jack Elliott
Mr. Craig Elton
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Ms. Marie Fletcher
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Patty Gilgus
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Kroger Company
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Ms. Megan Morcomb
Ms. Erika Moreno
Mr. Frederick W. Morton, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Steve G. Palermo
Panera Bread
Ms. Shalla D. Parker
Ms. Rebecca Phillips
Mr. Mark Praigg
Dr. Neil Puri
Ms. Geralene Randolph
Ms. Rachel Ransleben
Ms. Jennifer Reed
Mr. Mychal Riley
Ms. Claire A. Rincon
Ms. Annette R. Roiphe
Ms. Lindsey Rose
Dr. Michele J. Sabino
Mr. & Mrs. Javier Saenz
Mr. Ezra Sammell
Dr. Topaz Sampson-Mills
Ms. Rachel Schatz
Mr. & Mrs. John Q. Sexton
Ms. Maheen Shahzad
Mr. Pearce Henry Shanks, Jr.
Mary Catherine Sharman
Ms. Clare Sweeney
Ms. Brenda Taylor
Ms. Ean Choo Mary Ann Tham
Mr. & Mrs. Mark D. Tischler
Ms. Megan Tronzo
Ms. Julie Turrentine
Ms. Sharlie Velasco
Mr. & Mrs. Simon D. Walker
Mr. Rick Westfall
Ms. Lorraine Winslow
Deborah & Durf Wood
Ms. Cara Wright
Rose Yang, PsyD
Norman A. Zilber, Esq.
Anonymous (4)
Heritage Society
The Heritage Society honors individuals who have made a planned gift to The Menninger Clinic Foundation, such as establishing a charitable lead or remainder trust; creating a bequest in a will or living trust; or designating The Foundation as a beneficiary of a retirement plan or life insurance policy. We gratefully recognize the following donors as Heritage Society members.
Alan I. Abramson
Mrs. William R. Anderson, Jr.
Jeffery S. Atwater, DMin
James A. Baker
Michael G. Barrett
Carolyn V. Bourne*
Don Brady, PhD
Jean E. Brower
Carolyn J. Bunker
F. Robert Burrows
Jacquelin & Willem Bynagte
Agatha L. Calkins
Charlotte Trautman* & William Cannon
Letty C. Casazza
Herbert Cattenberg
Joan Cavally
Maria Il-Cha Choe
Mr. Norton Clapp*
Mary J. Clements
Nancy J. Corbet
The Reverend Margaret G. Crandall & Mr. Richard Crandall
Dr. Carl W. Eberbach and Elisabeth Falk Eberbach*
Ermaleen B. Etter
Robert S. Fay
Ms. Barbara R. Furlow
Mary D. Hooper*
Sylvia & Matt Kerrigan
Marcia Lippold
Louise R. Lord
Lydia Luz
Edward Macauley IV
Richard M. Menninger
Adam C. Moorhead
Lori & John C. Moser
Miriam & Lawrence Movsovitz
Charles T. Nevels, MD
Linda K. Norman & Robert D. Ryan
Roberta Ossi
Katina C. Pontikes & Monty McDannald, Jr.
Marilyn E. Ratner
Janice S. Roberts
Mr. & Mrs. John W. Roeth
Robert D. Ryan
Dorothy R. Saxe
Marilyn G. Schnitz
Frederick D. Schroth
Wendy & Derry J. Seldin
Elaine Shapiro, MSW, BCD
Arline R. Siegel
Stephen B. Sofro
Gale Steinberg
Alfred P. Stern
Ann G. Trammell
Betty Vincent-Karl
Margarett M. Williams
August R. Woods, Jr.
Anonymous (5)
*In grateful memory
Tribute Gifts
Tribute gifts offer a meaningful way to advance Menninger's mission while also recognizing a cherished family member, friend, or colleague. Individuals who were honored or memorialized in 2023 are listed in bold.
Gifts in Honor
Dominic Aversa
Mrs. Sara J. Aversa
George Bombell
Caroline S. Fox, MD
Ronald Cuenod
Mr. & Mrs. David B. Lumpkins
Stephanie Cunningham
Keith Cunningham
Matthew Dillingham Family
Mr. & Mrs. James Dillingham
Tejuana Edmond
Dr. Nicole Walters
Charlotte Fostey
Ms. Lissa Flores-Flowers & Mr. Jim Flowers
Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey J. Fostey
Ms. Jennifer L. O'Bryant
Poppi Georges Massey
Ms. Sara P. Dodd-Denton
Blake Jackson
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph W. Thomson III
Jennifer Jameson
Mr. William O. Jameson
Jensen Jameson
Mr. William O. Jameson
Lois Jordan
Mr. Eddie Ackerman
Ryan Leeton
Mr. & Mrs. James R. Leeton
Fred Lykes
Katherine F. Lykes, LCSW
Jane Mahoney
Cynthia I. Mulder, LCSW
Anuron Mandal
Alejandra Mandal
Pilar McClain
Ms. Cynthia B. McClain
Roy Menninger, MD
W. Walter Menninger, MD
W. Walter Menninger, MD
Norman A. Zilber, Esq.
Mr. & Mrs. Paul D. Hermann
John A. Menninger, MD, & Claire Zilber, MD
Dr. & Mrs. William L. Menninger
Michael Menninger, MD
Melissa Mong
Mr. & Mrs. Richard W. Mong
Michelle Patriquin, PhD, ABPP
Ms. Kirsten C. Schachter
Susie Peake
Ms. Sara P. Dodd-Denton
Mr. & Mrs. Timothy J. Neumann
Ms. Carla Knobloch
Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Paine
Mr. & Mrs. Robert F. Bland, Jr.
Ms. Julie McIlheran
Mr. William Fitch
Ms. Mary Catherine Sharman
Neil Puri
Dr. & Mrs. J. Ollie Edmunds, Jr.
Ms. Kirsten C. Schachter
Gifts in Honor | continued
David Ratner
Mrs. Marilyn E. Ratner
Lee Roberts
Dr. Mandy J. Hill & Mr. Bradley B. Hill
Barbara Robertson
Mr. Corbin J. Robertson, Jr.
Corbin J. Robertson, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Edwin H. Frank III
Kirsten Schachter
Mary C. Oxford, PhD
Lucy Schimmel
Dr. & Mrs. Ashwin Viswanathan
Philip Smith
Houston Trust Company
Paula Sutton
Dr. Michele J. Sabino
Robert Wilson
Mr. David Mincberg & Ms. Lainie Gordon
Ms. Franelle Rogers
Stuart C. Yudofsky, MD
Dr. & Mrs. Sanjay Mathew
Gifts in Memory
Megan Balzhiser
Mr. & Mrs. Gary Balzhiser
Caden Blaschke
Ms. Sharlie Velasco
Philip Burguières
Mr. & Mrs. Howard T. Tellepsen, Jr.
Irma Carr
Mr. & Mrs. Eric L. Singleton
Rosalynn Carter
Mrs. Nancy Trowbridge
Carol Coats
Ms. Brittany Davidson
Courtney Corbett
Mrs. Meredyth W. Corbett
Grayson Cuenod
Mr. & Mrs. Ned Schwing
Reginald Dawson
Ms. Tanya Bradley-Doubarere
Betty Eaton
Mrs. Sara J. Aversa
Brittany Elliott
Ms. Alicia Itria
Ms. Julie Turrentine
Mr. & Mrs. Jed Helmcamp
Ms. Audrey K. Angel
Mr. & Mrs. Steve G. Palermo
Mrs. Corina Borel
Mr. & Mrs. Jim Palmersheim
Dr. Gina Rizzo
Mr. & Mrs. John Saragusa
Mr. Timothy Leite
Ms. Lynn Mandola
Dr. Allyson Patronella
Mr. Rick Westfall
Mr. & Mrs. Jack Elliott
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Guarino
Gifts in Memory | continued
Warachal Faison
Ms. Cara Wright
Mrs. Connie Glenn Fillyaw
Stacie Fillyaw
Ramon Ganzarain
Dr. & Mrs. Tetsuro Takahashi
Alex Georges
Ms. Poppi E. Massey
Norma Green
Ms. Nancy G. Dickenson
Frank Guthrie
Mr. James A. Reeder, Jr.
Bill Hart
Mrs. Sara J. Aversa
Raleigh Johnson
Ms. Ann G. Trammell
John F. Jones
Mr. & Mrs. Michael E. Grom
Edward Karner
Mrs. Sara J. Aversa
Warren Lohmar
Mrs. Sara J. Aversa
Peter Mark
Mr. & Mrs. Charles M. Mohan
Iris Massey
Mr. & Mrs. Barry M. Wuntch
Ken Mullin
Mrs. Sara J. Aversa
John O'Sullivan
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Berkman
Lynne Paine
Mr. & Mrs. Brandon Holcomb
Mr. & Mrs. Barry M. Wuntch
Mr. & Mrs. Mike D. Robertson
Louis Paine
Mr. & Mrs. Mike D. Robertson
Colleen Reeves
Mrs. Sara J. Aversa
Patrick Rigano
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph J. Rigano
F. Seifi
Mr. Ali Seifi
Mark Sheetz
Mrs. Sara J. Aversa
Philip Smith
Ms. Christine Cole
Betty Ann Stedman
Mr. & Mrs. Randolph l. Pullin
Cliff Terry
Mrs. Sara J. Aversa
Liz Tucker
Ms. Lydia Luz
Beverly Wuntch
Mr. & Mrs. Barry M. Wuntch
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