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Navigating the world of addiction treatment can be overwhelming. With Menninger's full continuum of care for substance use disorders and behavioral addictions, you can quickly access the right level of treatment you or a loved one needs.


And you won't be alone. Nearly 65% of patients here have a substance use disorder, which may be their only diagnosis or may be a co-occurring diagnosis.


Working with our Addictions team of psychiatrists board certified in addiction medicine, master's level-prepared addictions counselors, and peer recovery specialists, you'll engineer your road to recovery based on your unique goals and values. With multiple pathways to recovery to choose from, we'll help you select the right one for you and support you every step of the way.


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Addictions Treatment
Inpatient Programs
  • Addictions Services

    If you struggle with addiction to substances or behaviors, our master’s level-prepared addictions counselors can help you discover the pathway to recovery that works for you.

  • Detox Service

    Our detoxification service provides medically managed withdrawal-management support in an inpatient setting for adults with substance use disorders.

Addictions Treatment
Residential Programs
  • Bridge Program for Adults

    Menninger's Bridge Program is a residential program designed for adults who are stepping down from inpatient treatment or who need more structure and support than outpatient care offers.

Addictions Treatment
Outpatient Programs
  • Outpatient Addictions Assessment

    Struggling to understand if your symptoms are the result of a mental illness or a substance use disorder? Our Outpatient Addictions Assessment can help.

  • Menninger Solutions Outpatient Services - Dallas

    Looking for solutions to your substance use disorder or addiction? Menninger Solutions in Dallas may be the intensive outpatient treatment you need.

  • Navigator

    A case-management service, Navigator is here to help those with an addiction or substance use disorder or a mental health disorder through their first 90 days after discharge from treatment.

  • Recovery Coaching Services

    Certified peer recovery specialists are available to support you on your recovery journey.

  • Recovery Intensive Outpatient Program

    This eight-week intensive outpatient program for adults integrates services for addiction, substance use and co-existing mental health issues.