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Training Programs

Menninger has a proud history of training mental health professionals. Trainees from The Menninger Clinic’s medical school affiliate, Baylor College of Medicine, and other local and national programs come to The Clinic each year for clinical training and supervision, as well as select classroom training.
Our current training programs include:
Each trainee is assigned to a treatment team as an active participant, working with patients in a wide range of inpatient and outpatient programs.
Among the hallmarks of Menninger treatment and education are:
  • Exposure to the medical, psychological, behavioral and social models
  • Participation on treatment teams with experienced mental health specialists
  • Experience treating patients with complex psychiatric illness, including co-occurring disorders

Verifying Training

If you need to verify your training at Menninger, email Monica Martinez.

Postdoctoral Training Program in Clinical Psychology and Psychology Internship Program

Fellows in the postdoctoral program work as clinicians on one or more of The Menninger Clinic’s adult specialty treatment programs.
As a member of an interdisciplinary treatment team, fellows integrate diagnostic formulations into treatment planning; meet with the rest of the team in weekly rounds; and provide individual evaluation and therapy services as well as family evaluation, therapy and discharge planning for patients.
In addition, testing and evaluation are major components of training with fellows participating in didactic seminars and intensive supervision in these areas.
Fellows also conduct group and individual therapy for patients. They see several patients two to three times per week for individual therapy and co-lead group therapy. In total, fellows carry four to eight hours per week of individual and group therapy, family therapy and/or family intervention in addition to other clinical duties.
Fellows are encouraged to become involved in Menninger’s research activities and work on theoretical treatment models.
The postdoctoral fellowship fulfills the licensure requirements for postdoctoral supervised practice in Texas.


Qualifications for the fellowship are:
  • PhD or PsyD from an accredited doctoral program in clinical or counseling psychology
  • Completion of all doctoral requirements from your program
  • Completion of an APA-accredited predoctoral internship
  • Experience in a psychiatric inpatient setting
  • Experience administering psychological test batteries, including projective measures

Additional Information

Application & Start Dates

Applications for the 2023-2024 class are due by January 3, 2023. September 5, 2023, is the preferred start date.


Salary is $55,000
Health insurance, vacation and sick leave

To Apply

Please complete the APPA CAS application on the Association of Psychology Postdoctoral and Internship Centers website. If you have any questions, please contact:
Patty Daza, PhD
Director of Psychology Training
The Menninger Clinic
12301 Main St.
Houston, TX 77035

Postgraduate Fellowship in Clinical Social Work and Social Work Internship Program

The fellowship and internship place a high priority on developing practitioners with a strong foundation in theory; a capacity to be reflective regarding their own values and use of self; and a capacity to assess the strengths and limitations of theoretical frameworks in the treatment process.
Training occurs through course work, clinical practicum opportunities and intensive supervision. Trainees also focus on careful and thorough diagnosis and a compassionate, patient-centered approach to working with patients at The Menninger Clinic.

Fellowship Opportunities

Fellowships are available in Menninger's inpatient adult specialty programs with the possibility of an advanced second-year fellowship. The candidate may request a preferred specialty program for assignment. Specialty tracks in eating disorders and addictions are also available.
Fellows participate as members of interdisciplinary teams and work directly with patients and their families, often serving as a liaison between the patient, family and team. Fellows integrate diagnostic formulations into treatment planning, weekly team meetings and team rounds with patients.
In addition, fellows conduct group, individual and family therapy sessions and are involved in advanced case management. Generally, fellows have a caseload of three families and two individual psychotherapy cases at a time. Fellows are responsible for co-facilitating group therapy twice per week. In total, fellows carry four to eight hours of individual and group therapy per week and three to five hours of family therapy and/or intervention per week, in addition to other clinical duties.
Each week fellows participate in approximately 10 hours of individual supervision, group supervision and didactic seminars. Topics include family dynamics, individual case conference, clinical syndromes, group dynamics, group process, psychodynamic psychotherapy and seminar in psychological testing and assessment. Because Menninger is affiliated with Baylor College of Medicine, fellows may also attend the College's Grand Rounds and case conferences.


  • Master’s degree in social work (MSW, MSSW) from a graduate college or school of social work accredited by the Council of Social Work Education (CSWE)
  • Concentration in clinical social work; specific background working with individuals, families or groups is helpful, as is familiarity with the DSM-V
  • LMSW from the Texas Behavioral Health Executive Council (BHEC) before beginning the fellowship


Stipend to $50,000
Health insurance, paid time off and sick leave

To Apply

The application deadline for the 2023-2024 fellowship is March 1, 2023. To apply, complete the online application and submit the following:
  • Cover letter, limited to one page with double-spaced text in a 12-point font size
  • Résumé
  • Three letters of reference
  • Unofficial transcript
  • Clinical writing sample (examples include case study, intake, psychosocial or case formulation). Please deidentify patient information. Sample should be no more than three pages with double-spaced text in a 12-point font size
Incomplete applications will not be accepted.
Final candidates will be asked to interview at Menninger with a group of clinical supervisors and current social work staff and fellows. 
The preferred start date is September 5, 2023.

For Information

For more information, email Lindsay Walsh, LCSW, associate director of the Social Work Fellowship, or call her at 713-275-5284.

Social Work Internship

The Menninger Clinic offers a comprehensive Clinical Social Work field practicum placement for second-year MSW graduate students. The Clinic has trained generations of social work students since it officially began the SW Internship in the mid-1940s. However, social workers have been an integral part of Menninger since its inception in 1925.
Due to the extensive training and specific therapeutic approaches unique to Menninger, many of the social workers trained at Menninger became leaders in the field of clinical social work throughout the years.

About the Internship

Exposure to psychodynamic psychotherapy, attachment theory and mentalization-based therapy, among many other important concepts and modalities, enriches the student experience. Menninger utilizes an interdisciplinary team model, which allows students to become a full member of a treatment team. Students also work in close collaboration with their field supervisor and the other members of the Social Work department.
Our internship is 24 hours per week (generally 3 full days). It begins in the third or fourth week of August and continues through the following April. Students take their schools’ regularly scheduled holidays, although due to continuity of care for patients, we ask that vacations be no longer than one week at a time.
Menninger is a sub-acute psychiatric hospital with four inpatient programs for adults, one inpatient program for adolescents, two community integration programs and a robust outpatient clinic.

Application Details

Applications for the internship are accepted starting in the second semester of the academic year. Applications for the 2023-2024 class are due by March 5, 2023. Apply here.
Promising candidates are asked to interview in groups and are sometimes asked to return for an individual interview as well. Decisions regarding who is accepted as an intern are made by the internship committee of the Social Work department during the month of March. Those accepted begin their internship in August 2023.
In addition to having a mental health concentration, applicants are asked to have completed a course in the DSM-V or have scheduled to take the course concurrently during the first semester of the internship.


Any questions about the internship can be directed to Aloura Alcantar, LCSW, associate director of the Social Work Internship.

Psychiatric Nurse Residency

We're proud to offer the Betty Ann Stedman Psychiatric Nurse Residency Program for graduates of Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) programs who would like to begin their psychiatric nursing career as a resident with The Menninger Clinic. Nurse residents get to:

  • Work at one of the country's leading psychiatric hospitals
  • Gain experience in specialty psychiatric care
  • Earn three months of income as a preceptee while learning from experienced, caring clinicians
    • Earn an additional three months of educational support when transitioning into a staff nurse role at Menninger
  • Start in January, April, July or October

Our Treatment Philosophy

Nurse residents, like trainees in other mental health disciplines at Menninger, learn to work as members of treatment teams, develop a treatment alliance with patients and provide a safe, supportive therapeutic environment for patients with complex mental illness. The team includes nurses, psychiatric rehabilitation specialists, chemical dependency counselors, social workers, psychologists and psychiatrists, as well as each patient.


The training experience at The Menninger Clinic provides the nurse resident an opportunity to see patients make substantial progress in treatment. During their stay, patients learn and master new skills, including how to maintain their personal well-being and manage their illness after discharge.


To Apply

In addition to submitting a Menninger job application, please include a letter of interest, official university transcript, HESI scores or Texas nursing license, two letters of recommendation and your résumé. 


For more information about the nurse residency program, contact Judith Sampson.


Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) - Associate Fellowship

This Fellowship is an 12-month, full-time training program with the opportunity to extend training and complete the required hours to obtain licensure. They would receive the unique experience of being a part of innovative treatment modalities as well as the formative experience of working at The Menninger Clinic, a leader in mental health care. 


The core training experience centers on the Fellow’s work as a clinician in the Menninger continuum of care, which includes inpatient programs, outpatient therapy, intensive outpatient therapy and community-based treatment. 


Fellows participate as members of interprofessional teams and work directly with patients on their treatment goals. They conduct individual, group, family, and vocational therapy. 

LPC-Associate Fellows are paired with a Licensed Professional Counselor-Supervisor, who provides clinical supervision each week, and are assigned mentors in the programs where the Fellows gain experience.


Additionally, Fellows participate in didactic training, which includes a weekly Clinical Topics Seminar, Family Seminar, Group Dynamic Seminar, Clinical Case Presentations and the Four Psychologies Seminar. Menninger staff members who hold Baylor College of Medicine (BCM) faculty appointments teach the seminars. Fellows are also invited to attend Baylor’s Menninger Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences Grand Rounds and other education events at Menninger and BCM. 


Fellows are required to have graduated from a master’s-level counseling program that is CA-CREP accredited and to have passed the National Counselors Exam (NCE) by June 15th.


Important Dates

The application period for the 2022-2023 fellowship is April 30. We understand that graduation will not occur until the spring of 2022 for many students; however, you are still eligible to apply. 


The preferred start date is September 6, 2022.



Stipend to $50,000
Health insurance, paid time off and sick leave


How to Apply

You can apply online for a Fellowship by visiting Careers.



For questions, please email Robyn Martin, MS, LPC-S, associate director of the LPC-A Fellowship.


Summer Research Fellowship for Undergraduates

The Summer Research Fellowship Program is designed to help undergraduates foster understanding and experience in the field of clinical research.
Fellows assist in data collection and management; when appropriate, fellows shadow staff during patient interactions. Undergraduate research fellows are given the opportunity to work on their own original project, with experienced staff available to guide and assist.
Designed as an 8-week,16-hour a week compensated position, the fellowship occurs during the months of June and July. 
Applications are accepted January 1 through January 31 each year. To apply, please send a resume/CV and cover letter to Fellowship Coordinator Ryan Smith. Other inquiries regarding the fellowship may also be directed to him.
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