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When it comes to choosing treatment for mental illness, you have lots of choices. We hope you’ll choose Menninger. 

For nearly 95 years, people with mental illness have traveled from across the country – even the world – to be treated here. 

They come because our treatment works. They come because we emphasize relationships and help people repair broken ones. They come because we examine all aspects of an individual – biological, psychological, social and spiritual – so that we get the deepest, fullest understanding of their unique issues and challenges.

Whether you’re an inpatient or an outpatient, you’ll discover that we respect your journey and where you are on it. We’ll celebrate your progress and advocate for you. We’ll comfort you during your darkest moments, and we’ll challenge you, too, to help you get the most out of treatment.


Ready to get started on the road to recovery? Call us at 713-275-5400. We’re happy to help.


And in case you're wondering, we also treat young adults and adolescents.

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Treatment for Adults
Inpatient Programs
  • Comprehensive Psychiatric Assessment Service

    A two- to three-week stay can help stabilize and assess longstanding issues and can pave the way for the next part of your journey: effective treatment.

  • Hope Program

    Struggling to create meaningful connections while coping with mental illness or addiction? The Hope Program can help you rebuild your identity and purpose, develop skills to better manage emotions and enhance your relationships.

  • Professionals Program

    Doctors, lawyers, professors, entrepreneurs, veterinarians, athletes, pharmacists and other hard-charging, type-A adults benefit from this program. Here, the treatment teams work side-by-side with them to solve emotional problems, and sometimes substance use issues, that keep them from enjoying a full, balanced life.

  • Addictions Services

    If you struggle with addiction to substances or behaviors, our master’s level-prepared addictions counselors can help you discover the pathway to recovery that works for you.

  • Eating Disorders Services

    If you have an eating disorder or issue with body image, our Eating Disorders track can help support you while you’re receiving inpatient care at Menninger for a psychiatric illness, addiction or substance use issue.

Treatment for Adults
Outpatient Programs
  • Outpatient Therapy

    Need help with moderate depression, anxiety, trauma, bipolar disorder, personality disorders, women’s issues, family issues, parenting, substance use or other mental health issue? Our outpatient therapists and psychiatrists can help. We also offer psychological testing and outpatient group therapy for adults, young adults and adolescents.

  • Outpatient Assessments

    If you feel “stuck” or your efforts at outpatient therapy aren’t helping, an outpatient assessment may be right for you. Our week-long assessment is one of the most comprehensive available anywhere. Our team, led by a psychiatrist, leads an intensive effort to uncover what your core issues are, and what’s preventing you from achieving the life you want.

  • Center for Brain Stimulation

    Sometimes, you might need intensive services for treatment-resistant depression or other mental health issues, yet not need inpatient treatment. For you, ketamine therapy or electroconvulsive therapy might be best.

  • Menninger 360

    If you have ongoing mental health issues, Menninger 360, the first private psychiatric assertive community treatment (PACT) program in Texas, can help you at home, at school and in the community. Side-by-side, our team assists you in making the most of your journey.

  • Navigator

    A recovery management service, Navigator is here to help those with an addiction or substance use disorder through their first 90 days after discharge from treatment.

  • Recovery Coaching Services

    Certified peer recovery specialists are available to support you on your recovery journey.

  • Sleep Medicine Service

    If you're struggling with any of a range of sleep issues, including insomnia, sleep apnea and nightmares, we can help.

  • The Gathering Place

    This supportive, growing community helps adults with chronic mental illness make strides in improving their psychosocial development. Members come for the day, Monday through Friday, and attend educational groups, exercise classes, field trips and more.