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How to Help a Loved One with Mental Illness

In the years since Menninger was founded in 1925, we’ve learned a lot about what it takes to help someone with mental illness, and our treatment outcomes are a testimony to that.
One thing we’ve learned is that family and friends are a critical part of a patient’s journey to mental health wellness.
Even if your loved one refuses treatment, you can still support and help them:
  • Tell them you love them. People who are struggling with mental illness need to know that someone cares and is there for them.
  • Let them know that they’re not alone – 1 in 5 Americans has a mental health issue.
  • Let them know that treatment works.
  • Encourage them to seek treatment by offering to help locate a therapist, make an appointment for them or even accompany them to an appointment.
  • If your loved one is talking about attempting suicide, call 911, or take them to the nearest emergency room (remove any lethal weapons before they return home).
  • Educate yourself about mental illness.
  • Get into treatment yourself. Therapy can help you cope with stress, anxiety and boundary-setting, all of which positions you as a good role model.
Over time, you may find that your loved one will see the benefits of treatment manifest in your life and want the same. When that happens, we’ll be here to help.
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