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livinghealthiertogetherdlspsAt The Menninger Clinic, we recognize that the road to recovery from mental illness and/or addiction is challenging. Based on years of experience helping people who have traveled their own paths through treatment, we also know that the friendships and experiences shared with other patients are an invaluable part of the treatment journey.

Living Healthier Together

That’s why we established Living Healthier Together, our patient affinity organization that all former patients or "graduates" are encouraged to join, free of charge.
Participants can join in our weekly All Recovery Support Group as well as our private Living Healthier Together Facebook page.

All Recovery Support Group

One current offering is the All Recovery Support Group, a peer-led support group for adults that meets online every Saturday at 2:30 pm and every Tuesday at 8:15 pm Central Time. The Tuesday group has a special emphasis on recovery from depression.
The excellence and teamwork of the staff at Menninger helped me find a flame of hope, and they delivered it with integrity and caring. 
Gordon Meltzer, former patient and current peer recovery specialist
Whether you're recovering from depression, anxiety, substance abuse or any other mental health issue, this group offers meaningful support, comfort and encouragement. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Menninger clinicians will also join the meeting to help review and reinforce the self-care skills you learned while in treatment.
All adult graduates of Menninger inpatient programs as well as current and former clients of Outpatient Services and Pathfinder are welcome. No reservations are needed.

COVID-19 Pandemic

Has the coronavirus pandemic led to greater anxiety and stress? We're here for you. You can find all kinds of resources, including recovery resources, here.
Our certified peer recovery specialists also offer recovery coaching services via telehealth.
And should you find that re-admitting to The Clinic will help you on your journey to wellness, you may be eligible for a 25% discount off room and board charges.

More Information

Want more information about Living Healthier Together or the All Recovery Support Group? Contact Gordon Meltzer, CPRS, CPS, ICPR, who coordinates both, at 713-275-5034.
Call us today & let us help you or a loved one.