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A quick Google search will reveal a multitude of mental health organizations that offer education and information about psychiatric or substance use issues.
Here are a few national organizations that Menninger recommends to learn about mental illness and treatment:

Suicide Prevention Resources

Suicide rates are rising, but it can be prevented. We've got some resources to help you or your loved one.


View suicide prevention resources.


Understanding Levels of Psychiatric Care

There are many different levels of psychiatric care available, and what level a person needs today may be very different from the one that will be needed next year.


Here's our guide to the different levels. If you have questions about them, talk to a Care Coordinator at 713-275-5400.


Video Resources from Menninger

Have you checked out our YouTube channel? It's full of consumer-oriented videos featuring current and former Menninger staff, as well as other experts from around the country, talking about a range of mental health topics.
Some highlights include:
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