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Mind Dive, A Podcast for Mental Health Professionals

minddive-logo-copyWelcome to Mind Dive, Menninger's podcast for mental health professionals, with Robert Boland, MD, senior vice president and chief of staff, and Kerry Horrell, PhD.


Podcast Focus

Twice a month, they dive into topics that fascinate them as clinical professionals and hopefully fascinate you, too. They examine dilemmas faced by professionals here at Menninger and colleagues across the nation while working with some of the most challenging cases. They explore the latest research and other trending topics on the minds of psychiatrists, psychologists and others who are interested in the treatment and study of the mind. 


Drs. Boland and Horrell also make it a goal to cover information that gets little attention in formal training programs.


Most Recent Episodes


Episode 15: Informatics and Patient Privacy with Dr. John Torous

Patient portals, consumer privacy and mental health apps, oh my! How has the continual progression of informatics affected psychiatric care and what can we expect in the future?

Dive into this episode of Menninger's Mind Dive podcast with John Torous, MD, MBI, director of the digital psychiatry division in the Department of Psychiatry at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, a Harvard Medical School- affiliated teaching hospital.


Drs. Boland and Horrell lead this lively conversation on navigating mental health care in a modern age as a clinician and approaches to advising patients on the dos and don’ts of integrating technology in their treatment

“It’s worth asking your patients if they’re using any apps,” said Dr. Torous. “About half your patients will try a supplementary mental health app at some point. It’s always good to open up an informed discussion about how their privacy is handled in these cases.” 


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Listen to Episode 14: The Measurement of Wisdom with Dr. Dilip Jeste.


Meet the Hosts

Dr. Boland is an educator at heart with decades of experience teaching and mentoring psychiatry residents. In addition to his roles at Menninger, he is the executive vice chair of the Menninger Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences at Baylor College of Medicine.


A psychologist on our Compass Program for Young Adults, Dr. Horrell also loves teaching. She completed a predoctoral internship and postgraduate fellowship at Menninger and Baylor College of Medicine. 


Both are well read, love canines (and have to resist rescuing too many) and are curious about many subjects. 


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