Iqbal “Ike” Ahmed, MD, joins Menninger's Mind Dive podcast for mental health professionals to explore the profound complexities of mental health as people age. The journey begins with Dr. Ahmed's early life in India and his extended family who served as the bedrock for his lifelong dedication to understanding and aiding the elderly mind.   
In this Mind Dive episode, Dr. Ahmed navigates the ever-shifting definition of the word “geriatric” and demonstrates how the perception of aging adapts with the passing of time as well as how life expectancy molds society’s categorization of the elderly. Dr. Ahmed peels back layers of cultural variation in elder care to help broaden appreciation for the depth and diversity of geriatric psychiatry.  
Embracing cultural diversity, the discussion explores how different societies and traditions imprint upon the process of growing older and the role these variations play in the mental health of seniors. Dr. Ahmed provides insights from his upcoming book, promising to paint a vivid picture of aging minds across cultural divides. His invaluable insights into the curative powers of interpersonal relationships and social networks can help fortify aging seniors against the effects of mental and physical decline. 
Tune in for an enlightening discussion that not only informs but also inspires respect and empathy for the journey of elder generations.  
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