Carolyn Mair, PhD, was always drawn to the world of fashion and even made her own creations while in university. Amid her doctoral research, Dr. Mair saw the opportunity to apply the benefits of psychology to the processes of the fashion industry to facilitate a healthier relationship between us and the garments we wear every day.  
This episode of Menninger Clinic’s Mind Dive podcast features Dr. Mair for a discussion of fashion and how it affects our mental health. She’ll also touch on the hidden responsibilities that the fashion industry has regarding human development.  
A behavioral psychologist and published author, Dr. Carolyn Mair earned a doctorate in cognitive neuroscience from Bournemouth University. Before founding her own firm, Dr. Mair worked as a professor at the London College of Fashion, where she pioneered the field of fashion psychology and created the world’s first master’s course in the field.  
“When you put something on that you feel great in, it changes how you interact with people and how you feel about yourself,” said Dr. Mair.  
A pressing issue across the industry that the doctor has been working to change is the lack of standardized sizing across brands. The buying of clothes is important as a means of self-expression, so when it is derailed, it can be a source of great psychological distress. This is why Dr. Mair works with brands at the manufacturing level to create more uniform sizing. Creating a positive experience helps shoppers avoid those moments of distress and makes them much more likely to shop with a specific brand again, according to Dr. Mair’s research. 
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