Patient portals, consumer privacy and mental health apps, oh my! How has the continual progression of informatics affected psychiatric care today and what can we expect in the future? 

Dive into this episode of Menninger's Mind Dive podcast with John Torous, MD, MBI, alongside hosts Robert Boland, MD, and Kerry Horrell, PhD, as they discuss their experiences navigating modern mental health care as a clinician while advising patients on the do's and don’t's of integrating technology in their treatment. 

Dr. Torous is director of the digital psychiatry division in the Department of Psychiatry at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, a Harvard Medical School-affiliated treating hospital where he also serves as a staff psychiatrist and assistant professor.


“It’s worth asking your patients if they’re using any apps,” said Dr. Torous. “About half your patients will try a supplementary mental health app at some point. It’s always good to open an informed discussion about how their privacy is handled in these cases.” 

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