Julie Skutch, PhD, will present Ethical Treatment of Chronic Suicidality: Joining Patients at the Brink of Death for mental health professionals virtually October 14. Ethics credits will be available.


About the Webinar

Despite training in suicide risk assessment and management, many clinicians feel stymied by chronic suicidality. The problem is particularly vexing, as it comes to mean different things to patients and providers but holds both hostage between life and death. Chronic suicidality elicits strong reactions in clinicians and can be inordinately treatment resistant, requiring clinician skill and stamina.


Dr. Skutch will consider chronic suicidality, centered on the inherent conflict between the patient's perception of suicide as a solution and the provider's perception of suicide as a problem. Typical countertransference reactions, including helplessness and hate, will be discussed. Participants will be invited to explore their reactions to this therapeutic task.


Registration Details

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