William R Miller, PhD, is one of the pioneers of motivational interviewing, a psychological technique that helps individuals overcome apathy and create change in their lives. Dr. Miller’s research has become the standard practice in psychology, especially when clinicians are treating patients with addictive behaviors and patients who are recovering from depression and need help reigniting their personal motivation.  
His latest book, 8 Ways to Hope: Charting a Path through Uncertain Times, which releases August 2024, takes lessons from Dr. Miller’s research and applies them to the bridge between psychology and hope.   
This episode of Menninger Clinic’s Mind Dive podcast features Dr. Miller, accomplished psychologist and author, joining us for a conversation about hope and his findings on the psychological effects of optimism versus pessimism. Dr. Miller also shares a sneak peek into his latest work, which explores the varying types of hope and how to foster self-efficacy during difficult times.   
Dr. Miller was a clinical psychologist at the University of New Mexico for 30 years where he retired as emeritus distinguished professor of Psychology and Psychiatry. Dr. Miller has continued to publish in his retirement and has seven books in his bibliography, including this latest one. All of Dr. Miller’s titles can be found on his website. 
“Hope is something that we can do when we’re uncertain,” says Dr. Miller. “It’s the opposite of fear ... fear is imagining a dreadful future and hope is imagining a better future.  You can actually experience these emotions simultaneously and that’s when hope becomes a choice.”   
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