Family therapy typically focuses on parents and younger, dependent children. Which begs the question: what about the benefits of strengthening mother-daughter relationships for adult women? How can clinicians tell if the time is right for their adult patient to work on relationship strengthening and intentional bonding with her? With such a diverse array of women wearing the title of mother, daughter, or both simultaneously, the answer to healing can begin with a face-to-face conversation and lead to a months-long journey.
This episode of The Menninger Clinic’s Mind Dive podcast features Lacey Tezino, founder of Passport Journeys, who dedicates her career to making mother-daughter bonding more accessible for patients in therapy by developing technology to support the therapeutic approach, and Angela Koreth, MS, LPC-S, program director of Partial Hospital and Intensive Outpatient Programs at Menninger and member of the Passport Journeys clinical advisory board.
Join hosts Dr. Kerry Horrell and Dr. Bob Boland as these four professionals from varied disciplines in the mental health field explore how clinicians can utilize the relevancy of the entire family system when working with a patient in crisis. Dive into this conversation on how to sow hope that the ship has never sailed for mother-daughter duos as long as the desire to heal the relationship remains.
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