Hurricane Harvey was a turning point for many, but for Manizeh Mirza-Gruber, MD, it was the catalyst that clarified the powerful role of mindfulness in healing.  
As our Mind Dive podcast co-hosts sit down with the founder of Mindful in Practice, she shares her transformative journey and how it shaped her mission to integrate mindfulness into the fabric of psychiatry. Dr. Mirza-Gruber's personal insights and professional expertise in mind-body medicine offer a heartening glimpse into the ways mindfulness can alleviate suffering and promote overall well-being in the most trying times.  
In the realm of mental health, the benefits of mindfulness are manifold. From the alleviation of stress and anxiety to the enhancement of emotional regulation and social connectivity, mindfulness emerges as a cornerstone of holistic psychiatric care. The science of neuroplasticity, through which the brain's structure and function can be altered through mindful practices, underscores the potential for recovery and resilience post-trauma.  
Throughout this engaging conversation, Dr. Mirza-Gruber unpacks the science and spirituality of mindfulness, equipping you with practical tools and techniques to navigate your own internal landscape. Whether you're new to the practice or seeking to deepen your understanding, this episode is a treasure trove of wisdom on harnessing the present moment. From grounding exercises to breathwork, Dr. Mirza-Gruber illuminates how these practices can serve as a lifeline during trauma, soothe the sting of shame, and foster a more compassionate self-connection, ultimately leading to richer, more mindful living.  
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