While psychologists, psychiatrists and counselors are not yet concerned about robots taking their jobs, the question arises that, with ever-evolving technology resources at our fingertips, has treatment in the mental health field become simpler or more complex for clinicians?


From increased legibility of doctors’ notes and prescriptions to medical records being more accessible than ever for patients and providers, many aspects of healthcare have become streamlined. In tandem, the digitization of everything can also cause new, unique challenges.  

Dive into this tech-focused episode of The Menninger Clinic’s Mind Dive podcast alongside hosts Robert Boland, MD, and Kerry Horrell, PhD, as they speak with one of the first adopters of technology in psychiatry, John Luo, MD. 

Dr. Luo is the director of Emergency & Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry at the University of California Irvine Medical Center. Also on faculty as a Health Sciences Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, he is internationally, nationally and locally recognized for his excellence in teaching.   

On this episode, Dr. Luo offers advice to fellow clinicians on the “meaningful use” of technology, how the digital age calls for much needed boundaries concerning social media and how clinicians’ roles in their patients’ lives will not become obsolete in favor of artificial intelligence.   

“One of the strengths of our profession in mental health is the connection to people,” said Dr. Luo. “That’s going to be very hard to replicate by technology.”  

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