What happens in the mind of a talented athlete who suddenly cannot perform? Clinical and sports psychologist Mitchell Greene, PhD, works with a range of athletes from hopeful middle schoolers to Olympians on the concept of “mind chatter” and mental health struggles often experienced in sport culture. As explored in his new book, “Courage over Confidence: Managing Mind Chatter and Winning the Mental Game,” he treats younger and younger athletes feeling the pressure to excel at all costs.
On this episode of Menninger's Mind Dive podcast, dive into a conversation between hosts Dr. Kerry Horrell and Dr. Bob Boland and Dr. Greene on his work guiding athletes from all levels and backgrounds through coach-player relationships, nerves, loss of confidence and mental blocks.
“These concepts are not just for athletes. We all need a reminder sometimes that it’s courage over confidence,” said Dr. Greene. “Working through that chatter is about who we are, who we think we are and how we can manage the frustrations of life.”
Dr. Greene owns Greenepsych Clinical & Sport Psychology in the Philadelphia suburbs and works primarily with athletes pursuing high performance goals and coaches looking to educate their student-athletes on mental health.
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