I've made tremendous progress when it comes to my traumas. The life of early recovery is sometimes rough, but ultimately what I've learned so far has given me the strength to survive the tough days. I think the Hope team would really be proud at the progress I've made.
I've been touring sober livings and plan to move out of residential soon. I've completed the 12 steps with my sponsor and will be sponsoring people soon. I am fortunate to have a very large and supportive sponsorship family.
Menninger is truly a tremendous place. You don't realize how good the treatment is there until you go to some other facility and realize you know everything they teach plus some.
I owe all of y'all a tremendous debt. Menninger was my safe space. It allowed me to calm down enough to really learn about myself. I'm very grateful for y'all, and y'all should be very proud about all of the people you help.
N. is a former patient