Better sleep for hospitalized patients may be on the way thanks to enthusiastic donor support for Menninger’s new PsychVitals project.
From our own research, as well as a well-established scientific literature, we know that sleep disturbance is related to an increased suicide risk. By monitoring patients without waking them via wearable technology, PsychVitals could revolutionize the way we ensure the safety and protect the mental health of our patients.
Menninger’s longstanding philanthropic partner, The George and Mary Josephine Hamman Foundation, is among The Clinic’s dedicated community of donors investing in this promising new area of research. Founded in 1954, the Foundation has awarded $108.9 million in grants and scholarships over its 66 years of service to the community. “We believe in what the Menninger Clinic is doing,” says Foundation Executive Director Troy Derouen of the gift.