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If you need supportive treatment to live well on your own or break the cycle of hospital readmissions for psychiatric treatment, you might benefit from the “hospital without walls” approach offered by Menninger 360, one of our community integration programs.
The first private program for assertive community treatment (PACT) in Texas, Menninger 360 offers 360-degree wraparound support, treatment and rehabilitation.
Person-centered, Menninger 360 will help you work toward independence, develop and practice skills to manage your mental health concerns and achieve your goals – all from the comfort and convenience of your home and community, not in a hospital or an outpatient setting.
The team will help you address real-world concerns in real time by taking a personalized, proactive and pro-social approach to support that will help you live a full, independent life.


The primary goals of Menninger 360 are to:
  • Decrease or eliminate debilitating symptoms of mental illness so that you’ll have fewer recurring episodes of acute mental illness and hospitalizations
  • Improve your ability to function in social, community and professional roles and activities
  • Enhance your quality of life and relationships
  • Allow families the chance to focus on relationships rather than caregiving

Who Can Benefit

Menninger 360 is suitable for a range of needs and situations, including:
  • Adults with severe, chronic mental illness, including schizophrenia, other psychotic disorders and bipolar disorder.
  • Busy professionals whose schedule makes it difficult to leave their workplace for care while maintaining their professional duties.
  • Adults whose symptoms make it difficult for them to participate in group-based treatment programs or who need sustained support for recovery from addiction or substance use.
  • Individuals who experience significant disability and challenges with life skills.
  • Those who have not been helped by traditional mental health services.
Menninger 360 serves adults in Houston, Fort Bend County and Montgomery County.

Our Team & Service Levels

The team is comprised of psychiatrists, nurses and other highly trained clinicians. Together, they offer four levels of service:
  • Tier I provides up to 10 hours of individualized services per week
  • Tier II provides up to 15 hours of services per week
  • Tier III provides up to 20 hours of services per week
  • Tier IV provides up to 30 hours of services per week
  • The Maintenance Tier provides up to 5 hours of services per week
Team members are on call for emergencies 24 hours every day.

What is Community Integration?

Community integration is a person-centered approach to mental health care that enables you to participate in society through healthier relationships. This treatment model creates a multifaceted series of experiences for you across significant areas of your life – interpersonal, intrapersonal, wellness, independent living, mood, etc. – to establish or reinforce your life with meaning, purpose, competency and self-worth.

How Menninger 360 Helps

We start by identifying your natural “therapeutic supports,” or networks of people like friends, family, co-workers/co-volunteers and peers and activities like spiritual, health and wellness activities that you participate in.
Next, we identify the barriers you experience with respect to those supports and develop a plan to overcome them. As you’re enacting the changes needed to overcome those barriers, we’ll be right there with you giving as much or as little support as you need.
Your therapeutic supports exist in the context of your community, and there are innumerable reasons why it might be challenging or difficult for you to readily engage in a community. Working through and with those reasons is the primary focus of the Menninger 360 team, who will develop a therapeutic rapport with you that builds trust and confidence.

How Does Menninger 360 Collaborate with a Client’s Providers in the Community?

The PACT model is flexible and adaptive by design. While you must work with our team psychiatrist, we have had clients whose psychiatrist, therapist or family therapist essentially become a member of the Menninger 360 team, all working toward your common goals.
For providers who may not be available to participate in this way, we are happy to provide updates on your progress, as long as you sign a release allowing us to do so.
PACT services can also seamlessly integrate into other programs, such as sober living, intensive outpatient or partial hospital programs.

What is Included in Treatment?

First, our team provides all traditional therapeutic services:
  • Individual therapy
  • Family and couple’s therapy
  • Substance use recovery and harm reduction
  • Medication management
  • Vocational and occupational therapy
Our team also focuses on the areas of your life that are critical to not simply living, but living well. Every step of the way, we work through real-life situations with you because we are dedicated to doing whatever it takes to help you meet your needs and goals.

What Therapeutic Modalities Do We Offer?

We’re highly trained in a wide range of evidence-based treatment modalities, including cognitive behavior therapy (CBT), dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), expressive art therapies, peer recovery services, motivational interviewing (MI), acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), family systems therapy, mentalization-based therapy, SMART Recovery, couple’s therapy, certified personal training, certified yoga instruction (including trauma-informed yoga) and psychodrama.
In addition, you’ll have access to mental health experts at our main campus if you need them.

Do Clients Take Medication?

The correct psychiatric medication regimen is an important part of recovery and helping you reach your goals. Our psychiatrists are committed to making medication decisions in collaboration with you. They take the time that is needed to understand you and your goals, while receiving daily feedback from the other team members about the effectiveness of your medication and any side effects that you may be struggling with.

Work, Volunteering & Treatment

If you have an established career, we’ll help facilitate your return to work. If you are looking to change in careers, or haven’t yet identify a meaningful role, we can help you with that, too.
Here are examples of some steps in this process:
  • Clarifying values
  • Exploring interests, strengths and personality type
  • Resumé development
  • Mock interviews
  • Exploratory interviews
  • Job or volunteer shadowing with staff
  • Supported volunteering with staff
  • Staff support during work (in person or by phone during breaks, or prior to and after work)

Social Skills

Humans are, by nature, social beings. If the team will be your primary provider of social engagement during the early stages of treatment, that’s fine. Over time, depending on your goals, we will work together to increase your social engagement in the community.
This may take place in the context of leisure activities, hobbies, fitness, spirituality, work, volunteering or attending college classes.
The Greater Houston area is incredibly diverse with countless opportunities for locating communities of like-minded people to connect with.
Our team is skilled at locating and helping our clients engage in those communities.

Wellness & Healthy Living

We’ll work closely with you to explore what wellness means to you. Then we’ll identify areas in which we can move toward a more optimal state of physical and mental well-being.
This includes, but is not limited to, a regimen of exercise and physical activity, healthy eating habits, sleep improvement, spiritual well-being, support for any problematic medical conditions, management of media consumption and use of technology.

What If I’m Not from the Houston Area?

Most of our clients are not local residents; so if you’re not from the Houston area, don’t let that stop you from getting the Menninger 360 experience.
We have plenty of experience helping clients get settled in Greater Houston, including locating appropriate housing on a short- or long-term basis. When needed, we’ve worked alongside new clients to ensure that they have insurance, electricity, transportation and all the other necessities required to make a smooth start in the program.

Where Can Clients Live?

Our home health license covers in-home support in Harris County, Fort Bend County and Montgomery County. 

Who is Responsible for Clients’ Safety?

While the team will do its best to work with you if you have behaviors or urges to self-harm with or without intentionality, you are ultimately responsible for your physical safety since the team can’t be with you throughout the day and night. For emergencies, our on-call staff is available 24/7 to meet with you if you’re in distress or they can provide support via the phone.

How Do I Get Started?

Please contact us at 713-275-5400.
Once you contact us, getting started can usually begin within three to four business days.
If you’re already within Menninger’s continuum of care, the Menninger 360 team will collaborate with the team you’re working with and speak with you and your family. Then, usually within one to two business days, they’ll determine if they think Menninger 360 is a good fit for your needs.
If it is, the team will attend your inpatient program’s diagnostic conference to begin the process of building rapport while you complete inpatient treatment.
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