Having a strong network of support is crucial for people who have recently discharged from inpatient psychiatric treatment. With seed funding provided through the generosity of Menninger donors, The Clinic’s former patients now have a new way to stay connected and supported.
Collaborating closely with developers at the Texas Medical Center Innovation Institute, Menninger recovery specialist Gordon Meltzer, CPRS, CPS, ICPR, created a mobile health app that enables former patients to stay in touch with each other, to receive encouragement from peers and to access resources about healthy living.
“Using the app, patients can celebrate their successes and growing pains,” said Vaughan Gilmore, LCSW, LCDC, director of addiction services. “They can get support when needed and develop a new ‘rock’ in their support system if they have not remained in touch with peers who were in treatment with them.”
The app is a private community that is HIPAA and CFR42 compliant to ensure the privacy of former patients. Former Menninger patients may sign up to use the app by emailing Gordon Meltzer.