By nature, sex is one of the most serious and delicate conversations a therapist can have with a patient. When that patient is possibly experiencing sex addiction, the challenge only increases. From its roots in intimacy disorder to the modern problem of near-unrestrained access to pornography, a sex addiction diagnosis can be a challenging conclusion for both patient and clinician to arrive at.

Joined by Menninger's Dalanna Burris, LPC, LCDC, CSAT, Mind Dive podcast hosts Kerry Horrell, PhD, and Robert Boland, MD, dive into this episode and explore the facets of sex addiction. You’ll hear about the complexities of sex addiction’s ties to issues such as religious shame and substance abuse, along with how clinicians can best approach one of the most delicate subjects in psychology.

Burris has more than 10 years of professional experience and currently serves as a behavioral specialist at The Menninger Clinic. With special expertise in problematic sexual behavior and gaming addiction, she also has advanced skills in cognitive and dialectical behavioral therapy.

“A key part of treating our patients is checking ourselves at the door and being able to separate from our morality or what we may believe is right or wrong,” said Burris. “When approaching the topic of sex, we must sit with someone without judgement because they’ll be able to feel it in the treatment, regardless of what you say. If you’re able to have this conversation and be open, it can be a great relief for your patient.”

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