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For many patients, their journeys to mental wellness include treatment for a psychiatric issue like severe depression or anxiety and treatment for an addiction or substance use. (You might have heard of this as dual or co-occurring diagnoses.) In fact, roughly 65 percent of our patients have dual diagnoses.
At Menninger, our treatment teams include master's-prepared addictions counselors. They integrate treatment for duals disorders rather than treating one first and then the other. Our philosophy is that recovery from both is more likely if treated at the same time.
The Refuge Recovery program was an important part of our son finding his path forward.
Mother of a young adult patient

Addiction Treatment at Menninger

No matter what program you’re admitted to, you’ll have an addictions counselor to help develop your personalized treatment plan.
An important part of that plan is setting goals, and you’ll choose those. Whether you want to achieve sobriety or reduce your use of use of alcohol or substances, we’ll be there to help you and celebrate your progress.
Your addictions professional will be with you every step of the way, from assessment through discharge planning, whatever your addiction – substances, gambling, sex, spending, gaming and technology.
During your treatment, we’ll help you select a recovery pathway that best fits your life, based on your goals; your values and faith; and the recovery meetings that are available in your hometown.

Addictions Counselors

Our addictions counselors:
  • Provide progressive treatment based on evidenced-based methods in areas of motivation, recovery planning, relapse prevention, neuroscience and family dynamics
  • Offer you a treatment model that will effectively address the relationships between substance use and psychiatric symptoms
  • Tailor treatment to you based on the National Institute of Drug Abuse belief that addiction is a complex yet treatable disease that affects brain function and behavior
  • Ensure that the assessment process and treatment respect your unique culture
  • Guide you in selecting and engaging in a support group that meets your unique needs (AA, NA, SAA, GA, SMART Recovery, Refuge Recovery and others)

Certified Peer Recovery Specialists

We also have certified peer recovery specialists who share their personal experiences with recovery and offer support and encouragement to patients pursuing recovery. A key part of our team, they also offer recovery coaching services via telehealth visits for individuals who need either brief or ongoing support. 

What to Expect

We use evidence-based treatments for substance use disorders, including cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, mentalization-based therapy and acceptance and commitment therapy.  
We also offer individual addiction counseling, group therapy, group psychoeducation and wellness activities that contribute to your recovery:
  • Addiction recovery groups (relapse prevention, neuroscience of addiction, 12-step work, and recovery planning groups)
  • Recovery maintenance planning and skills development
  • Discharge planning
  • Assessment and treatment for multiple addictions, including behavioral addictions cross-addictions
  • Sexual health education and consultation
  • Motivational-enhancement therapy
  • Music, art and other expressive therapies
  • Family education and therapy
  • Medication-assisted therapies
  • Trauma assessment, education and therapy
  • Daily on-campus peer support meetings, including AA, NA, Smart Recovery and Refuge Recovery
  • Recovery coaching

Post-discharge Support

To help you continue on your recovery path, you’ll be invited to participate in our All-recovery Support Group, an online support group offered twice weekly for former patients. It’s led by patient alumni who are recovering from addiction as well as all kinds of mental health diagnoses.
Through a secure portal, you’ll be able to celebrate your successes and get support during challenging times. Equally important, you’ll be an essential part of the recovery journey for fellow Menninger alumni.
Menninger also created an app to help support you after you discharge. Called Living Healthier Together, it’s available to you as a former patient. It’s secure and provides another online space in which to give and receive support.

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If you need help with addiction or a substance use issue, call us today at 713-275-5400. We have inpatient and outpatient treatment options to help you on your recovery journey.
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