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Outpatient Addictions Assessment

Are you looking to dive deeper into getting a definitive diagnosis of your mental health and substance issues? Are you concerned about drinking too much or using drugs? Are you looking to figure out what kind of treatment will help you get your life back? Then our specialty Outpatient Addictions Assessment (OAA) may be just what you need.

Like our comprehensive outpatient assessment, the OAA is a four- and-one-half day assessment that aims to uncover your biopsychosocial issues in order to give you a definitive diagnosis and personalized recommendations for treatment.

So if you’re wondering whether substance use or a mental health disorder is the underlying factor in your life’s issues, then our OAA can help you uncover what’s going on and how best to approach making improvements.

Outpatient Addictions Assessment Details

In addition to the same gold-standard assessments as in the comprehensive outpatient assessment, this special team adds these critical elements:

  • Assessments based on the American Society of Addictions Medicine’s data-driven criteria
  • 2-3 sessions with a board-certified addictions psychiatrist, who also leads the assessment team
  • Sessions with family members
  • More time spent with a master’s-prepared addictions counselor
  • A spiritual consultation with our chaplain or other appropriate religious leader (optional)
  • Expanded labs
  • Medications for substance use disorders

Menninger acknowledges that there are many different pathways to recovery, and the addictions assessment team wants to help you discern the one you think will work best for you. That’s why we include additional sessions with your addictions counselor, as well as time for a spiritual consult. These professionals can help you find your pathway.

With expanded drug testing, the team will be better positioned to understand your substance use and determine if medication-assisted therapy will be appropriate for you.

Recommendations for Treatment

You’ll end your week with a comprehensive review of an individualized report that contains all your test results and detailed recommendations about future treatment options. One such option may include Navigator, a case-management service with peer-recovery specialists that helps individuals who need temporary support and monitoring as they embrace recovery. 

The team’s recommendations are based on the American Society of Addictions Medicine’s algorithm that determines the most effective treatment option for your situation, as well as each team member’s professional experience. That way, you have the best chance to make a full recovery.

Fitness for Duty

Please note that this assessment is not a fitness-for-duty evaluation. However, the team can, as part of their reporting, offer you assurance as to whether they think you can do your job well or not.

Scheduling Your Outpatient Addictions Assessment

It’s easy! Call us at 713-275-5400, and we’ll get the conversation going. You’ll learn more about what’s needed in advance, including clinical records and a saliva swab for genetic testing, and most likely speak to a member of the assessments team.

All assessments begin on a Monday, and a deposit is required before scheduling can be finalized. Check out our Program Costs page to learn more.

Assessments can typically be scheduled within a few weeks of your call; call now so that you can get on a path to a healthy and fulfilling life!

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