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Addictions Services for Young Adults

The transition from adolescence to young adulthood can be overwhelming, and for many, that challenging transition includes, or leads to, an addiction or substance use disorder.
At Menninger, we offer a better alternative to starting adulthood with an addiction. With appropriate treatment and education, you can make the kinds of choices that will lead to a life free of drugs and alcohol, and full of hope and purpose.

Our Approach

When you seek inpatient treatment for an addiction or substance use at Menninger, you'll find that we respect your right to choose how you want to recover.
Perhaps you aren’t ready to give up drugs and alcohol, but maybe you’re interested in reducing how much you use. Great; we’ll help you with that and celebrate your progress.
If you’ve decided that life would be better if you stop using substances or engaging in addictive behaviors like gambling or gaming, that’s great. We can help you achieve your goal.
It’s your life; it’s your call.

How We Help

How do we do it? By truly integrating addictions work with treatment for psychiatric issues. We believe the most effective treatment involves treating addictions or substance use simultaneously with psychiatric treatment, not one first and then the other. You’ll have an entire treatment team on your side to help you do the work.
In fact, for our young adults who are treated on our Compass Program for Young Adults:
  • 60 percent have a moderate to severe risk of cannabis use;
  • 45 percent have a moderate to severe risk of alcohol use; and
  • 30 percent have a moderate to severe risk of sedative use.
Your licensed chemical dependency counselor, who has at least a master’s degree and treatment experience, is an integral part of your treatment team. Together, you'll examine the issues that have led to your addiction or substance use and work to create a treatment plan to address them.
The plan will include evidence-based treatment, psychoeducational groups and the recovery group of your choice.

Peer Recovery Specialists

One way we support young adult patients in recovery is by giving you the chance to work with one of our certified peer recovery specialists.
As former Menninger patients who are in recovery, they offer a unique perspective on treatment, the recovery process and coping with the transition home after discharge. They, too, are an integral part of the team and often prove to be invaluable to our patients.

Other Support

Receiving outpatient treatment for addiction includes ongoing support via:
  • Our app, Living Healthier Together.
  • Our online all-recovery support group, which meets online every Saturday.
Learn more about this support.

Getting Started with Treatment

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