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At Menninger, young adults with severe, treatment-resistant depression have outpatient options through our Center for Brain Stimulation. These treatment options include electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) and ketamine therapy. All can be precisely tailored to you and your needs.


If your symptoms are severe enough to require inpatient treatment, consider our Compass Program for Young Adults or our Comprehensive Psychiatric Assessment Service, two of our inpatient programs. Even as a young adult inpatient, you’ll have access to these services if your treatment team recommends them as part of your customized treatment plan.


Neil Puri, MD, is the medical director of our Center for Brain Stimulation.


Accessing Services

If you're a young adult interested in one of these treatment options, request a consultation by calling 713-275-5400 or email us.


We’re happy to help determine if one of these options might be right for you and your needs.

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