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Patient Assistance Fund

When people with mental illness are affected by poverty and financial strain, the challenges they face are made more difficult. Being poor increases the risk of depression, anxiety, trauma and suicide, while having untreated mental illness may lead to job loss and a depletion of income. No one should be without mental health care simply because they cannot afford it.
Supported by donors, the Patient Assistance Fund assists low-income families who are in need of Menninger’s treatment but who fall above the financial threshold for charity care. In addition, the Patient Assistance Fund may help to cover gaps for current Menninger patients who have exhausted their available resources, but who need continued care.
Each year, about 100 adults and adolescents receive treatment for free or reduced cost at Menninger through the charity care program and generous donations to the Patient Assistance Fund.
Make your gift now in support of the Patient Assistance Fund. For more information, email Stephanie Cunningham, vice president of Business Development and Philanthropy, or call 713-275-5039.
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