Funding Priorities


Great strides are being made in understanding and treating mental health conditions. However, there is more to learn about the complex interplay of body, behavior and environment that leads to psychiatric disease.
Together with our donors, we’re exploring emerging areas of study, like sleep and wearable technology, to develop knowledge that make a difference for patients today.
Some of our studies include:
  • Creating one of the world’s largest and most diverse collections of mental health data for research. Thousands of patients have participated in our clinical outcomes study, contributing data related to symptoms, treatment progress and long-term wellness.
  • Establishing an inpatient protocol to treat insomnia with cognitive behavioral therapy. Studies have shown poor sleep quality is linked to heightened suicide risk. This protocol will help hospitalized patients across the country to improve their sleep and reduce suicidal thoughts.
  • Developing an algorithm to predict real-time suicide risk from physical indicators, like heart rate, sleep quality and activity. Combining the algorithm with wearable devices will allow for monitoring of high-risk patients, alerting caregivers to critical windows of intervention.

Roy and Walter Menninger Endowed Fund for Mental Health Research

Established in honor of Drs. Roy and Walter Menninger, who led The Clinic through a pivotal time in our history, the Roy and Walter Menninger Endowed Fund for Mental Health Research supports the time and effort of Menninger's Director of Research Michelle Patriquin, PhD, ABPP, ensuring The Clinic’s legacy of innovation continues in perpetuity.
Make your gift now in support of Menninger’s research. For more information, email Stephanie Cunningham, vice president of Business Development and Philanthropy, or call 713-275-5039.
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