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Helping Professionals With Mental Health Issues — The Menninger Clinic®

The road to professional success is often a long and arduous one. For all the exciting accolades, promotions and goals accomplished, there's often a terrible price that's paid for them — burnout, overwhelming stress and anxiety, broken relationships, depression and escalating substance use.


If this sounds like you, you've come to the right place.


The Menninger Clinic has a long and rich history of helping professionals with mental health needs. For decades, we've been helping business executives, physicians, attorneys, veterinarians, professional athletes and successful entreprenuers overcome their issues and learn to cope with the fallout of their success as well as the challenges of maintaining that success. Our treatment outcomes speak for themselves.


Whether you need the support and structure an inpatient stay provides, like this Houston lawyer did, or whether you need a caring, experienced clinician to help you manage symptoms, we offer several pathways to better mental health:

  • Our Professionals Program offers an intensive course of inpatient treatment, during which you'll learn as much from your peers as you do from us.
  • Our week-long comprehensive outpatient assessment — available virtually —can help uncover what your core issues are and get you started on a path forward with personalized recommendations for treatment.
  • Navigator, a recovery management service, can help you negotiate the critical first 90 days after treatment for an addiction or substance use disorder.
  • If you live in Texas, our outpatient therapy team can help if you would benefit from individual counseling, marital counseling or family therapy. Medication needs can also be met by this team.
As a successful professional, you love a good challenge, and we're here to help you meet the goal of achieving good mental health.
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