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If you’re seeking a more in-depth understanding of your psychiatric or addictive symptoms, as well as the core issues that are driving them, then Menninger’s outpatient psychiatric assessment may be just what you’re looking for.
During this four and a-half-day assessment, our team will take a comprehensive, intensive look at your questions and the medical, genetic, psychological and social factors that are impacting your life. Diving deep into all these aspects helps you get what you need: an accurate diagnosis and recommendations for the right treatment.
Who Can Benefit
Assessments are available for adults, young adults, adolescents and even children.
Depending on your needs, you may want to take advantage of one of our specialty assessments. For instance, if you have a college-age child who seems to be struggling with the transition to adulthood, our assessment for young adults would be most applicable. We also offer a brain health assessment for middle-age and older adults who are concerned about changes in memory, thought or behavior.
Please note that the assessment cannot be applied to legal or administrative cases.

What's Included

Before and during the week of your assessment, the team will collaborate with you and/or your family in a series of diagnostic tests, medical exams and evaluations from various specialists to obtain a 360-degree review of the mind-body issues involved. You and your family may customize certain aspects of the assessment based on the questions you have. Our team will be happy to review all of your options and how you may benefit.
The outpatient assessment includes:
  • Comprehensive psychiatric assessment by a collaborative, interdisciplinary team
  • Pre-admission screening and evaluation of your records
  • Care coordination, psychosocial assessment and caregiver interviews
  • Psychiatric consultation and interpretation of clinical and medical results
  • Psychological evaluation and testing
  • Assessment for substance use or addictive behavior, as needed
  • Other specialty consultations, assessments (including neuropsychological), evaluations and testing, as needed
  • Genetic profile test and interpretation, as needed, for personalized medication treatment
  • Written and verbal feedback about your case, diagnoses and treatment recommendations
  • Potential for additional time with assessment team members at an additional rate for each provider
Before your assessment, we'll ask that you provide us with all clinical records related to your psychiatric, medical and psychosocial issues. These will help the team better understand your history and goals for the assessment. They will also help the team suggest additional tests or evaluations that could be essential to reaching the correct conclusions about your diagnosis and treatment recommendations.
We’ll also ask you to complete a genetic profile, which involves submitting a self-administered saliva sample. Our staff will provide step-by-step instructions for this simple collection process.

Findings and Report

After gathering and reviewing clinical data and insights, the team will present its findings and treatment recommendations to you at the end of the week. They will carefully review what they’ve uncovered and help you understand why specific treatment options are being recommended.
Within two weeks, you will receive the team's final written report.
View a sample report and a sample schedule for an outpatient assessment.

Scheduling an Outpatient Assessment

Interested in an assessment? Call us at 713-275-5400 to talk with one of our Admissions coordinators, who will listen closely as you describe the issues causing concern. They’ll help you to determine if one of our outpatient assessments will meet your needs. You will also speak with a member of the assessment team.
Assessments, which always begin on Mondays, must be scheduled in advance.

Assessment Cost

The cost of our 4.5-day outpatient assessment depends on the full range of testing and evaluations that will be needed to perform a comprehensive, individualized assessment. A $4,500 nonrefundable down payment is required before an assessment can be scheduled.
For more information, please call us at 713-275-5400.
*Given the current regulations of clinical licensing organizations, we are only allowed to perform assessments via telehealth technology for Texas residents.
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