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Sleep Medicine for Children and Adolescents

Is your child struggling with sleep issues like nightmares, sleep walking or talking, bedwetting or insomnia? Our Sleep Medicine Service can help.


What We Offer

Sleep studies can be performed on children ages 3 and older. These studies can reveal the underlying causes of a range of sleep issues. Some sleep problems can be related to a physical issue, while others may be related to a psychological issue. Either way, a sleep study and follow-up treatment can help get your child on the right path to sound sleep habits, which will enhance both physical and mental health.


Every child or adolescent who has a sleep study also receives a consultation with a board-certified sleep medicine physician, who's also a psychiatrist, as well as medication management and evidence-based treatments for specific sleep issues, if needed.


Overnight Sleep Medicine Testing

Sleep studies are conducted at Menninger, and a parent is welcome to stay overnight in the lab with their child. In our sleep lab, your accommodations include a private room, restroom and television. The bed is equipped with an adjustable mattress so that your child will be as comfortable as possible.



You'll get the results about a week after completing your child's sleep study. Depending on the results, you may be referred to Mary Rose, PsyD, DBSM, CBSM, who specializes in behavioral treatment for sleep disorders.


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