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Addictions Services for Children & Adolescents

Are you worried that your child or adolescent is using alcohol or drugs? Are you worried they’ve developed a substance use disorder? We can help.


Outpatient Treatment

Many children and adolescents are successfully treated for substance use on an outpatient basis, and at Menninger, our master’s-level certified addictions counselors and our peer recovery specialists have the experience needed to help guide them on their recovery journey.


Most of our children or adolescents with substance use issues are assessed and treated at our Bellaire location of Outpatient Services. There, they are introduced to a variety of recovery pathways – SMART Recovery, Refuge Recovery and the traditional 12-step groups – and with information and support from our addictions professionals, they’ll select one to try.


This treatment approach means we may also recommend other supportive therapies, including group therapy, individual therapy and/or family therapy.


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Getting your child the help he or she needs for substance use is a phone call away: 713-275-5400. Talk to us about how we can make a difference for your child and family.

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