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Outpatient Assessments for Children & Adolescents

When you’re facing the prospect of a child or adolescent with a mental illness, knowing where to start can be overwhelming, especially given the variety of treatment options available.


Our recommendation? A 4.5-day comprehensive psychiatric assessment conveniently combines testing and assessment to uncover the core issues affecting your child. By week’s end, you’ll have direction for the most appropriate treatment. And if you’ve already gotten a diagnosis for your child but aren’t sure it’s right, our assessment offers the benefit of a thorough second opinion.


For children between the ages of seven and 17, our assessments team, will take an in-depth look at symptoms, medical history, family life, school experiences and more.


They’ll also give gold-standard assessments to help establish an accurate diagnosis. Once a diagnosis has been determined, the team will then provide you with a recommended course of treatment based on your child’s unique needs.


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