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Pathfinder FAQs

What's the average length of stay?

The average length of stay is three to six months, which provides adequate time to develop and master skills and competencies for living independently. However, there is no minimum time commitment after the first four weeks.


How many hours of individual therapy do clients receive each week?

Clients receive one hour per week of individual therapy in addition to a wide array of other treatment. They may contract with a therapist for additional hours if needed.


How often does family therapy take place?

Family therapy takes place once per week, although many clients have additional sessions or "check-ins" to monitor progress more frequently.


Do we help clients find a community psychiatrist to treat them while they're in the program?

Yes, we assist clients in finding a psychiatrist in Menninger's Outpatient Therapy Services for continuity of care or a psychiatrist elsewhere in the Houston area with whom they will meet regularly. In addition, we will communicate regularly with the psychiatrist as well so that we can coordinate the entire spectrum of care for our clients and develop a cohesive wellness plan, which is an essential aspect of the recovery process.


Do we provide specialized services like eating disorders treatment or addictions/chemical dependency treatment? Is everyone sober?

We have a certified addictions counselor on staff. In addition, there are hundreds of AA and NA meetings throughout Houston that clients may participate in. Other clients pursue sobriety using SMART Recovery or evidence-based practices like cognitive-behavioral therapy or harm reduction. Still other clients maintain their wellness without these sobriety support services.


At Pathfinder, all clients are sober even if addiction has not been an issue.


Does Pathfinder help clients find aftercare?

Yes, we help clients find aftercare by accessing our local and national resources. Most importantly, each client leaves Pathfinder with a comprehensive plan for their wellness, which extends beyond psychiatric aftercare. Our clients know they can reach out to us later as needed.


What's the difference between the apartment- and independent-living options?

With apartment living, clients have coaching and support from the resident advisor who is accessible at all times, as well as other clients. Living with other clients offers another chance to continue learning and practicing everyday living skills.


Why is the apartment-living option more expensive?

This option costs more because it offers more: resident advisor who's on site 24/7; an apartment environment selected with safety in mind; transportation to and from Pathfinder, work and volunteer activities, group activities, etc.; and additional peer support.


What meals are covered by the cost of the program?

Meals are not included in the program cost. Clients should budget for meals and other food-related expenses in their weekly budget.


Does Pathfinder distribute client medications?

Clients are responsible for taking and complying with their medication regimes. However, staff members will help with reminders and with developing a plan to ensure medications are distributed safely and in accordance with each client's needs.


Does Pathfinder provide or guarantee jobs?

No, we don't provide jobs or guarantee that clients will find jobs. We do, however, provide vocational training and assessments, help with building skills needed for succeeding at work, writing resumes and preparing for interviews so that clients are prepared for the workplace.


Can clients bring a computer, cell phone or car?

Yes, we encourage clients to bring electronic devices, especially cell phones. Since we provide transportation, clients do not need cars, but they are permitted for use when the client is ready for that level of responsibility.


What's not covered by the cost of the program?

In addition to the cost of Pathfinder, clients will need to budget for other costs, including community psychiatrist's appointments, extra therapy appointments, cleaning supplies, toiletries, medications and co-pays, entertainment expenses and meals.


Can clients have pets?

Pets are not allowed in the Pathfinder apartments. As clients transition from the apartment-living option to the independent-living option, they often reunite with their personal pets as a way to increase personal responsibility and promote healthy attachment relationships.


Who is responsible for transportation?

Pathfinder provides all transportation. Clients are welcome to use our fleet of bicycles or to coordinate transportation with fellow clients who have their own cars. Some clients choose ride sharing, take taxis or rent cars to run errands as they take more responsibility for independent living.


What do you recommend as a typical weekly budget for a client?

This will vary according to each client, but we typically recommend budgeting $250-300 per week.


Is there a brochure I can look at for more information?

Yes, there is! Take a look at this one.


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