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Outpatient Therapy for Young Adults

If you’re having a tough time with the transition to adulthood, you’re not alone. We treat lots of people just like you in outpatient therapy.
Our therapists are experienced at helping individuals 18 through 30 who have depression, anxiety, social phobia, autism spectrum disorder, bipolar disorder, addiction or substance use issues and more. They can also help you overcome problems with relationships or self-esteem.

What We Offer

You can select from an extensive range of outpatient services, depending on your unique needs:
  • Individual psychotherapy, including cognitive behavioral therapy and dialectical behavior therapy
  • Family therapy
  • Substance use assessment and treatment
  • Psychoeducational testing
  • Intensive outpatient services
  • Crisis intervention

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If you need help or support as you navigate the right path in your life, you can count on us.
Call 713-275-5400 to schedule your first appointment. We can generally get you in within a week of calling; so call today.
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