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Need a place to land after inpatient treatment? Want more time to practice your new skills in a supportive environment? Or perhaps you’d like more support than traditional outpatient sessions can offer. Then our community integration program Pathfinder may be just what you’re looking for.
At Pathfinder, we create positive experiences in recovery by helping you improve your ability to live, learn, work or volunteer, socialize and continue in therapy.

Who We Treat

We serve adults 18 and older who need help translating insight into action. Most Pathfinder clients are in their early to mid-20s.
You’ll find that most have recently been discharged from an inpatient or residential treatment facility, or they may simply need more support than traditional outpatient therapy provides. All are ready to continue their pursuit of living independently.
Our team will work with you to increase self-determination and independence through a focus on translating insight into action amid real-life experiences. It’s a person-centered approach that keeps everyone involved in your care focused and motivated to achieve your goals while moving toward realizing your idea of “a life worth living.”
Our goal is to increase your ability to effectively manage your mental illness, addiction or substance use issue.

What We Treat

The Pathfinder team has the expertise to help clients with depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety disorders (generalized anxiety disorder and social anxiety), trauma, addictions/substance use and personality disorders. We also work with individuals who have autism spectrum disorder or learning differences.
If you have trauma issues, an individualized plan will be created based on your needs and where you are in terms of healing. We offer individual trauma work, eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) therapy and a trauma process and psychoeducational group that meets weekly.
If you have a substance use disorder, we offer three psychoeducational and process groups each week, as well as individual work with a master’s-level, licensed chemical dependency counselor once per week. To help you find a recovery pathway that works for you, we also offer recovery coaching and will even take you to meetings in the community.
We also help you learn skills to develop and sustain healthy relationships with family, friends, colleagues and yourself.
Building your confidence is a big part of the program. We want you to be able to envision your life’s goals, and we’ll support you as you begin taking bold steps to achieve them. Pathfinder can help you get started on your journey.

What We Offer

We use evidence-based treatments at Pathfinder as we focus on psychosocial education. Pathfinder is also client-centered, with personalized recovery plans at the heart of our work together.
Our daily schedule offers structure and includes:
  • Weekly psychoeducational groups, such as shame resilience, mentalizing and attachment, healthy relationships and gender issues
  • Programming that addresses life and interpersonal skills, including group psychotherapy; dialectical behavioral therapy; acceptance and commitment therapy; mentalization-based therapy; and cognitive behavioral therapy
  • Weekly individual therapy
  • Weekly family therapy
  • Support for individuals with eating disorders, substance use and anger management issues
  • 12-step, Smart Recovery and Refuge Recovery addiction recovery, if needed
  • Time for work, school or volunteering
  • Vocational assistance and coaching
  • Exercise and recreation
  • Leisure and therapeutic activities, including concerts, festivals and professional sporting events
  • Individualized educational assistance, including academic and readiness assessments, degree and career planning, tutoring and help with class registration and selection
  • Internship, work or volunteer experiences
We’ll encourage you to participate in many of these scheduled opportunities when you first arrive. Then, as we get to know you, we’ll tailor your schedule to meet your unique needs.

Length of Stay and Living Options

Clients have two living options at Pathfinder: live in nearby apartments, with 24/7 in-apartment support from our trained resident advisors or live independently. Most clients begin the program living in the apartments, which are within walking and biking distance of Pathfinder, and then transition into independent living.
Our clients tend to stay in the program for three- to six-months, although there is no time commitment beyond the first month. We find that three- to six-months is usually enough time to develop and master skills and competence for independent living. Whether you need less time in Pathfinder or more, we’ll support you as you create the life you want.

Program Costs

The cost of the program depends on which living option you choose. Visit our Program Costs page to learn more.

More Information

For more about Pathfinder, check out our videos on YouTube.
Better yet, call us 713-275-5400 to learn more about getting on the path to Pathfinder.
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