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When you’re ready to tackle your mental health concerns – whether that’s depression, anxiety, substance use, relationship issues and more – our outpatient therapists are ready to help you.
They’ll assess the impact your issues are having on your life, family and career, and once your goals are established, they’ll use evidence-based treatments to help you reach them.
If psychological testing would help illuminate what’s causing distress, they’ll administer that as well (we even offer various testing for children). If medication would help you cope better with your symptoms, the team psychiatrist will help you find a medication that’s right for you. If group therapy would improve your situation, they’ll offer that, too.
There are two important advantages to Menninger’s Outpatient Therapy that will make life easier for you:
  1. First-time clients usually get an appointment within one week.
  2. Because we offer such an array of services in one location, you won’t have to run all over Houston for different appointments.
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