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Are you in the Dallas area and looking for a path out of the stress and turmoil of addiction and substance use? Need someone to walk with you on this path while you're developing a deeper understanding of your issues and new skills to make your life better?


Then the intensive outpatient program offered by the caring, experienced team at Menninger Solutions Outpatient Services may be just what you need.


Menninger Solutions Outpatient Services - Dallas

The Menninger Solutions team helps adults and their families gain the tools to deal with their substance use and co-dependency. More importantly, they walk with each client and family so they may gain the confidence and resources for living their most meaningful life. 


The intensive outpatient treatment program facilitates establishing healthy recovery and strengthening the important relationships between family members. Clients also work on their relationship with their Higher Power and new 12-step communities. 

You'll never have to walk alone again with pain, fear, guilt or shame brought about by a substance use disorder or addictive behavior.


Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

There are four phases to the Menninger Solutions IOP:

  • Clients attend their sessions during weekday evenings. The first six to nine weeks features therapeutic groups and individual counseling for clients from 6 to 9 pm Mondays-Thursdays and multi-family groups from 6-9 pm on Thursdays.
  • In the second phase, clients step down to three evenings a week, followed by two evenings each week.
  • Clients who have completed an inpatient substance use treatment program may enter at the transitional level, which starts with four sessions a week, then three and then two. Each client’s transition is based on their own needs and progress in recovery.
  • The fourth phase is aftercare; clients may attend these weekly sessions as long as needed or wanted. The team works closely to develop a continuing care plan that meets each client’s needs. Aftercare participation is free of charge. 
In addition, clients are asked to participate in a minimum of three 12-step meetings weekly. 

Supporting the Family

Addiction and substance use affects the whole family. To support the family during this time, Menninger Solutions asks the immediate family to participate in at least one Al-Anon or Families Anonymous meeting weekly. 
The team also strongly encourages family members to participate in the family workshop, 
which typically takes place around the sixth week of IOP. Many families of former patients report that the family workshop was a significant factor in their recovery.
Two Menninger Solutions clinical team members are trained specifically in guiding recovery for family members.

Complex Cases

If the Menninger Solutions team determines that you need additional services for a crisis or for a co-existing psychiatric issue, they will refer you to the most appropriate level of care or to The Menninger Clinic in Houston.
For 32 years, psychiatrists surveyed by U.S. News & World Report have named Menninger among the top 10 nationally in psychiatry for complex cases.


Fees for the IOP can be found on the Program Costs page.

Getting Started

Get started on your journey to recovery today by calling Menninger Solutions at 214-369-1155. We'll get you and your family scheduled for an assessment, which usually lasts about 1.5 hours, as soon as we can.
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