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Research proves that an individual in recovery is most vulnerable to relapse during the first 90 days after discharge from a treatment facility. Making it through this time period without relapsing means long-term recovery is more likely. 


That's why Menninger offers Navigator, a recovery management service that helps patients maintain their recovery from drugs or alcohol once they’ve discharged and returned home.


Recovery Management

The Navigator team, which includes a case worker and peer recovery specialist, offers collaborative substance use and addiction recovery management and monitoring. The service is modeled on evidence-based physician health programs, which have a successful track record of helping participants maintain recovery after discharging from treatment by providing support, structure and accountability.

Navigator participants receive:

  • Up to four hours of contact with their recovery team per week. This may include a daily phone, family support and recovery coaching sessions;
  • Help finding a sponsor or other local recovery resources, if needed;
  • Drug and alcohol monitoring with random sobriety testing;
  • Access to the team seven days a week; and
  • Monthly reports outlining the team's understanding of how well the participant is doing with their recovery. Outpatient providers will receive this report as well, with the participant’s permission. 

Because the service is offered via telephone and secure messaging and teleconferencing, participants can take advantage of the service no matter where they live.


Drug and Alcohol Monitoring

Participants with an alcohol use disorder will receive a Sober Link device and monitoring to use during their time in the program. The device – essentially a breathalyzer – is preprogrammed to notify the participant at random intervals that they need to complete a breathalyzer test within a certain amount of time. 

Participants will also be required to complete random drug tests at a lab facility near them. 
The case manager will immediately notify family members and outpatient providers if there are concerns about a recurrence of substance use. 

Who Can Participate

Navigator is open to:

  • Adult Menninger patients (18 years and older) with a substance use disorder or addiction issue.
  • Former Menninger patients who believe that it could help them in their current recovery efforts.
  • Adults who complete an assessment with a Menninger outpatient provider.

More Information

To learn more about this service, call us at 713-275-5400.

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