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Fitness for Duty Assessments

It's rare, but there are times when a mental health issue can interfere with an individual's ability to safely do their job.
That's when an employer, licensing board or other organization can step in and request that you complete a fitness for duty (FFD) assessment because they have concerns about your performance, safety or behavior in the workplace.

Menninger's Fitness for Duty Assessment

When you participate in a Fitness for Duty Assessment at Menninger, you can expect the following:
  • A comprehensive psychiatric evaluation, which includes psychological testing and other specialty consults when indicated, by a multidisciplinary team
  • An assessment that includes evaluations tailored to your specific needs
  • 4.5 days to complete the assessment
  • A multidisciplinary clinical team to conduct the assessment
  • Recommendations for appropriate accommodations, if needed
  • Recommendations for regaining or maintaining fitness for duty
  • A one-hour feedback session
Since FFD assessments are generally requested by an employer or licensing board for professionals like physicians, attorneys, nurses, etc., we'll also work closely with the requestor to understand the circumstances that have led to this request. We'll also need to request relevant medical records so that the team has a 360 degree perspective of your situation.
While our team’s final report and recommendations will be provided directly to the requesting entity only, we'll conclude the assessment with you with a one-hour feedback session so that we can review our findings together.

Scheduling a Fitness for Duty Assessment

To schedule your FFD, simply call us at 713-275-5400 to get the process started.
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