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The journey to good mental health can take several paths, including group therapy. It provides a safe environment so that you can gain insight into your issues, practice new interpersonal skills and receive support from individuals with similar concerns. It can also be a powerful complement to individual therapy.

Adult Group

Adults in this group examine their emotions, relationships, careers and other areas of potential change. Participants learn to problem solve, think critically, increase motivation and overcome challenging emotions.
It is open to individuals 25 years and older who are struggling with depression, anxiety, overuse of substances like alcohol or drugs, relationships, family issues, trauma, grief and other issues related to adulthood.
This group meets Mondays from 12 to 1:30 pm via Zoom.

"Me After Baby" Group

This group focuses on many aspects of motherhood, including the transition from pregnancy to the postpartum period and beyond. It aims to foster a sense of well being while also leaning into your strengths. This group serves as an additional space to explore your mental health while learning to navigate the profound identity shifts and demands that come with motherhood.
This group meets Thursdays from 10:30 to 11:30 am at our Bellaire location. Infants under 1-year-old are welcome.

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If you're interested in joining a group, or just learning more about how group therapy can be helpful, call us at 713-275-5400.
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